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6 Really Fascinating Museums in Pune

The city has various museums which display some magnificent items which you explore as soon as possible!

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6 Breathtakingly Scenic Drives Around Pune!

Now that the rains have subsided, it’s the perfect time to get on your bikes or in your cars and take off on some of the most scenic routes around Pune while everything is still green!

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Kesari Wada – The Birthplace of Pune’s Freedom

Kesari Wada was previously known as Gaikwad Wada. Located in Narayan Peth, Pune, this wada built by Gaikwad Sarkar is also the birthplace of Pune’s first newspaper- Kesari.

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My Love-Hate Relationship with Pune’s Monsoon!

Pune monsoons have a different charm altogether as well. It’s… romantic, I suppose. Pune is still blessed with greenery, and aesthetic scenery. Our surroundings, the rivers, several lakes, historic forts, they all make up for good treks or hiking/camping. Not to forget the street food and special homemade dishes we love, especially during this season! 

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7 Fantastic Instagram Accounts of Pune

Pune’s people, food, heritage, culture, and of course, its amazing photographers, you guys! It all makes us fall in love with the city and its people more and more everyday!

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If Siri Were a Punekar!

Just like Siri, Punekars can have an opinion about almost everything when asked. Along with some serious information to back it up, most of the times. Just imagine this, you ask something to Siri and a Punekar from Sadashiv Peth answers your question. Hilarious, right?! Here are some of the funniest situations which would arise if Siri were a Punekar.

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The Fabulous Street Art of Pune City

A metropolitan city like Pune isn’t short of natural as well as man-made art. If you think any city, not just Pune, looks arid and shallow at first glance, then you’re probably right. However, I can say this for a city like Pune- you must dig in deeper.

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The Punekar’s Food Guide for FC Road!

Pune’s FC Road has a plethora of dining options and sometimes it can get overwhelming if you don’t really know what you want to eat or which place has the best of what you want!

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6 Great Places to Eat at on the Old Pune-Mumbai Highway

Simple, fresh food at these places served with a heaping tablespoon of ghee, these names are popular and for all the right reasons.

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6 Must-Visit Places During a Heritage Walk in Pune

If you are to take a heritage walk through Pune city, these are the six places you must visit. Although not unknown, very few tourists as well as city residents acknowledge them as ‘heritage places’.