Trick or Treat?

The Celtic harvest ritual may have been a ‘borrowed from Europeans’ tradition in the USA, but young Indians and Punekars are embracing it like they know the value of a good ritual.


Brighten up your living space with a ‘Puneri’ touch

Doing up the home is an integral part of our festivities, so we turn the spotlight on some traditional décor accents that boast of style and functionality in equal measure


5 Food Ideas for Pune's Foodies

Fast-forward to the present and we are riding a lip-smacking tide as cultural give-and-take has changed the food landscape to include everything from native delicacies, country-wide gourmet recipes to internationally renowned and luxurious entrées.

Health & Wellness

Let’s talk about Mental Health

Truth be told, the linking of mental health and physical illnesses is underestimated for more reasons than one.


5 ways to a healthy heart

It’s that day of the year when we pay respect and give credit to our heart for what it actually does! A healthy heart is everyone’s need but hey, it pumps optimally only when you are willing to devote your sweat and brow.