Kathak continues to flourish through late Bhate's teachings

Be it the graceful dance moves or the perfect expressions in Kathak, Late Guru Pandita Rohini Bhate’s disciples continue to take forward her teachings and are successfully running these brilliant dance academies.


The Call of the Dying Tekdis of Pune

Anyone who has lived in Pune cannot deny the beauty of the city seen from a tekdi (hill). Tekdis are awesome for those looking for a ‘mini hike’ without worrying about a laborious climb. Tekdis have been the epicenter for friendly get-togethers, yoga enthusiasts, morning walkers, romance seekers (ahem!), photographers, and the like. Yet, when […]


We Are Like This Only!

Pune – the Oxford of the East to some, the land of kandapohe to others. No matter your perspective, this is a vibrant city indeed. It’s a fine amalgamation of the old with the new. Although the true-blue Puneris grumble about the massive change in the wada culture, you cannot ignore some things that typically […]