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Pune Heritage – The History of Khunya Murlidhar Temple

If you are ever bored with the current affairs and daily grind, take a walk around the old by-lanes of Pune and you’ll invariably hear a story or two about its history that will grip you, as you listen with bated breath.

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The Unforgettable Firefly Festival Experience near Pune

The Hideout Point, run by Khandshi Agro Eco Tourism, is a place situated below Shirota dam near Kamshet on the old Pune-Mumbai highway and in close vicinity of Somawadi and Vadivale dams. Khandshi is surrounded by the Sahyadri ranges in Nane Maval valley. The Hideout Point is spread over 16 acres of divine land. We […]

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6 Common Misconceptions About Pune

The City of Cyclists or the Mecca of IT, Pensioner’s Paradise or Party Capital, Oxford of the East or Detroit of the East, do you see a trend here? Yes, indeed Pune is a land of many definitions and yet undefinable, because each of these contradicts the next.

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Pune's Best-Kept Secrets | Did You Know These?

Pune is essentially a city of history, tradition and lore; we have numerous forts, structures and temples to prove the fact. However, it is also true that over the last few years, some secrets got lost in the passing. Here are a few secrets from the history of Pune that may still be unknown.


7 On-Point Traits of Puneri Women

Hello and welcome to this land of beauty, tradition, modernity and a fair bit of confused identity that we like to call Pune. The woman brigade of this city has always been rather (in)famous for their killer attitudes, what we in Pune like to call ‘Maaz’. The legends say that the women of this city exhibit certain traits that make us ‘royalty’ and separate us from the rest of the ‘commoners’. So, let’s find out, shall we?

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#PunekarLists: 6 Types of Potholes on Pune's Roads

A hilarious list describing the 6 types of potholes on Pune’s roads.

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5 Places to Visit around Pune this Winter

  The beautiful rosy winters are almost upon us Punekars. For any average Punekar, winters can be called winters only if the temperatures drops below 10 degrees and the morning air has such a chill that you can pretend to blow smoke out of an ‘O’ shaped mouth! What better time to see the glory […]

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7 Must-Have Soups in Pune!

We’re soup people!

Food Restaurants

8 Seafood Hotspots You Don't Want to Miss!

8 restaurants in Pune that serve delectable, authentic seafood. Yum!

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7 Traits of Puneri Women: Aga baaee halla machaaye re!

7 unmistakable traits that belong to Puneri women!