Is Marathi Cinema coming of age?

Not since the Mahesh Kothare-Laxmikant Berde or Sachin-Ashok Saraf era has Marathi cinema enjoyed as much prominence and popularity as it is currently witnessing. Remember De Dana Dan or Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi? Classics, no? But…

Farm Weekend: Pali

Usual weekends in and around Pune aren't always of the farm variety. Farmhouses, yes, but actual farm, no! So here's a destination that can be a wholesome getaway for the entire family.

Movie Review: Man of Steel (Yawn!)

Following such epics as The Dark Knight and even The Dark Knight Rises, one expects nothing less than awesomeness from Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300). Unfortunately, in Man of Steel, that doesn't happen.

Ah, the rains and the pains

Pittering and pattering, the rain has finally arrived at our doorsteps. And in our living rooms if we forgot to shut windows! Worst of all, it has entered into our shoes and socks. And these don't dry out that fast. But this is no complaint…

Some Common Sense Requests

One of my pet peeves against Pune's administration is the continued treatment of the city as a small town. We still seem to be run as if we're a town of pensioners and some small family businesses. Fact is, that Pune is now a top 10 city in…

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