Atta Maajhi Satakli: Week 1 in the Life of a Non-Punekar

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Moving into a new city is always difficult, and this is a change a lot of people go through. May it be as a student, for marriage or a career. Pune gets a lot of incoming from the first and third. So, people who have been through it will understand my pain.

A job opportunity brought me to this city, exactly a week ago. So, having gone through different property brokers and seeing endless homes, I finally settled on one. Spoke to the landlord, agreed on it and also gave him a booking amount. All this happened in the last week of September. Two days before my move, I get a phone call, which blows me up. The landlord decides to give his home to a relative. And now I’m homeless. Cursed the landlord a hundred times in my mind. Covered the distance from Kharadi to Kothrud 4 times a day. And finally settled for a home in a day so that I can have a roof above my head. Strike 1!

Now, having lived almost three years of my life in Mumbai, I got used to basic things like transport, which I think Pune doesn’t agree is a necessity. Transport in Pune sucks, literally. You may be getting angry as you read this but in your mind you are thinking- ‘Damn, she’s right’. You know it, you have faced it!  You need to have your own vehicle, the autowallas will rip you off and take you for a ride if they know you are new to the city. You really need a place near your workplace, irrespective of the property rates in the area. Strike 2!


Let me tell you that I basically belong to Indore (MP), and I’m used to Hindi and English. I WILL NOT AND CANNOT LEARN MARATHI IN 2 DAYS!! Oh, I do know a few words of Marathi, credits: Singham. But there are thousands of people who come from different parts of the country to this city and they DO NOT know Marathi. So please people, stop looking at me when I reply to your Marathi sentences in Hindi, or say ‘I don’t know Marathi’ with surprise. Just imagine how you would feel if you talk to an American in Marathi. It’s the same thing to me. Alien. Strike 3!

Week 1 and you are already in a tough spot, Pune! I agree that a new city is always a challenge in the beginning and gradually things gets easier, but I’m waiting to see how many strikes and weeks before I can actually call myself a Punekar. (For God’s sake, people who are born here aren’t the only true Punekars!)

P.S.- You didn’t like what you read. Well, I’ll have you know that I’ve hired a lawyer.

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