At Pune Baking Company, Baking is a Piece of Cake!

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With the ever changing face of Pune’s baking scene, we showed you what a serious competition the amateur bakers as well as the small scale bakeries can be. However, the pioneers of this industry seem to be unflustered, they are holding their own in such a grand way! What gives these biggies of the baking scene an upper hand? Is there more to them than just their established brand? What really drives them to preserve the quality they have always been recognized for? To understand how these spearheads of the baking scene in Pune succeed, we got hold of Mr. Ajmal Salim, the Director of Food and Beverage at JW Mariott Pune. He had some pretty interesting insights as well as suggestions which left us astounded. Here’s a quick Q&A with him that led us to believe why exactly is Pune Baking Company (PBC) arguably one of the best bakeries in the city!

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Q: Pune Baking Company has got as much recognition as it possibly can. What drives you to not just maintain but exceed at what you do?
A: Our passion. We are constantly rediscovering what we usually do. More than exceeding our expectations, we aim to exceed those of our clients. We believe in connecting with our clients on an emotional level, that’s how we can cater to their needs. Mostly, all of this gets easier when you have got a team who believes in reinventing themselves constantly, they won’t settle down for anything permanently. So yes, this helps us in giving our best when we are presenting our food to our clients.

Q: What separates you from your competitors?
A: At Pune Baking Company we firmly believe in variety and customizing our products till they are satisfying the needs of our clients. Pastry is a skilled and specialized job and you need to have the best team on hand to get the best results. I think our strength lies in the fact that we can amaze people every single time they walk in through the doors. We believe that the amount of photos the customer click are proportional to the amount of people who are going to walk in to try our products. This is how the customers are linked!


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Q: Any suggestions or advice to amateur bakers and closet bakeries?
A: The most important advice I can offer: Always stick to the basics. Never let go of what you have learned, it always helps to bring clarity in your product. Be patient, not every day is going to be your finest. Lastly, maintain your ingredients. Store them well and use the best quality of ingredients the markets have to offer. Compromising on the ingredients is compromising on the end product!

So, there you go! When the who’s who of Pune’s baking fraternity tell you to stick to the basics, you gotta stick to the basics! For all you amateur bakers out there, this is something to think about, right? Go ahead, rediscover yourself and keep going. For now, BRB. Must have a cupcake ASAP.

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