An evening of style, luxury and glamour – “Mehvish”

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“Mehvish” the jewellery show preview 2017, conceptualised by Concept 9 in association with Trinity Motors, Mercedes Benz recently organised a fashion show: a curtain raiser event during which models showcased the latest jewellery collection. Pune based jewelers such as Lagu Bandhu , Adrisya were a part of the show. The show was spearheaded by Sonya Rau of Concept 9.

 It was an evening of style, luxury and glamour for which over 150 people made their presence. This fashion show was just a glimpse into the upcoming show which will be held in the month of May. The event will span over two days and during this,  several top notch jewellery brands from Pune and Mumbai will be showcasing their collection. It is going to be an event full of elegance and class to introduce to people the latest styles and trends. This is definitely going to be a one of a kind unique show to be witnessed in Pune for the first time”, says Sonya.

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