9 Reasons to Travel by Car During COVID 19

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Road trips are an adventure that many people enjoy. But there are some who would rather fly or catch a train or a bus. It could be because a road journey calls for self-dependence where we have to fend for ourselves. 

As for me, whether it’s with family or friends, travelling by car to a new place is what I have always enjoyed and looked forward to. I have travelled to innumerable places in the past and I really treasure those memories.

Today, with ‘normal’ being redefined across the globe, I feel going on road trips with people we know closely, is a sensible option because of the health and safety issues. 

Here’s why a road trip makes complete sense today…

You can actually sanitise the car yourself or oversee it before the trip to ensure safety and peace of mind for all.

Even if you decide not to drive and hire a driver, the person can be put through a Covid test, to ensure your safety.

You need not stress over social distancing rules when travelling in a car with family, friends or neighbours you know closely. 

A trip must be worry-free. While travelling with strangers, you may be worried thinking that you are breathing the same air as them. When travelling with the people you know are Covid negative, you can let your guard down and indulge wholeheartedly. 

Whether it’s a piece of bedding or a tent, a spacious four-wheeler will give you ample space to carry things that can make your outing even more exciting.

You can hire a van if you need more space to stretch your legs or even catch a nap in between all the fun and camaraderie.

You will be able to explore more in a car when you are visiting a place for the first time. Road travel gives you the privilege of opting for offbeat spots over popular tourist attractions. That way, you can also avoid crowded spots. 

You won’t have to hire another car after reaching your destination (which can put you at risk again).

Whether you want to catch a quick bite or answer nature’s call, you can decide where to halt and where not to, depending on the look and feel of the place. Again, you will have the freedom to avoid places that are too crowded.

So, if you are itching to take a break from your confinement, you know what mode of transport to opt for. If you do this once in a while, it will not only rejuvenate you but also give you something to look forward to, which is essential to keep your love for life intact during these tough times.

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