5 Food Ideas for Pune’s Foodies

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Once known to be the sought-after retirement destination, Pune has evolved in more ways than any Punekar could have imagined. It was only a couple of decades ago that we gleefully embraced a cultural mélange as students from various ethnicities made Pune their home. 

Fast-forward to the present and we are riding a lip-smacking tide as cultural give-and-take has changed the food landscape to include everything from native delicacies, country-wide gourmet recipes to internationally renowned and luxurious entrées. 

So what is it that keeps Puneri taste buds ticking?

Slurp away

While the traditional clear soups do find a place in culinary trails, the foodscape has experimented enough to include seasonings and fusion right from the Far East to the Wild West. Come winters, the city is savouring fascinating blends that add both warmth and comfort. From seafood extravaganza in distinct flavours of squids, prawns, and octopus, and the staples found in chicken and mutton shorbas to veggie delights like mushrooms, spinach and celery; mood-uplifting appetisers from across the world are found right here!

Salad Salsa

Pune’s salad scene has matured from just green matters of fruit-based salads to all things fancy and healthy. Whether you need high-in-protein, low-on-carb salad bowls, or customised dressings to keep the flavours high; there’s something for everyone. Foodies have also managed to localise tastes with the likes of masala tofu, curried chicken, and paneer tikka so that you stay committed to your resolve to eat healthy. One can indulge in guilt-free gorging as the city offers choices aplenty to include exotics like falafel, tacos, sprouts, and meats.  

Move over tikkas and chops

Why restrict yourself when you can have the world on your platter? The city rarely disappoints a foodie when it comes to starters. Wasabi prawns, pan-seared steaks, herbed chicken servings to grilled tofu, air-fried mushrooms, bruschetta, and baked potato packets — it’s purely unfair to deprive your taste buds of any of these, especially when they are experimented to suit local palates. 

Good food mood

No doubt, one-pot meals have been a sure-shot solution for ‘feeling lazy to cook’ situations, but when there is an extra edge to a good food mood with the likes of stroganoff, lasagne, pan egg veggies, and exotic stews with dumplings, who would complain? Even healthy shakes and smoothies infused with the goodness of carb-cutting and protein-enriched ingredients stand highlighted as sinless delights!

From the streets of Turkey

The world might be still debating over Baklawa’s origins but we have already owned it. The popular filo pastry is crafted and served right here in the city! Coming with subtle flavours that burst in the mouth with every crunch, Baklawa has earned a well-deserved place in every foodie’s mind, in no time! With rising popularity, home-grown foodpreneurs have also managed to dish it out in their kitchens. Delectable touches like caramel shavings, chocolate sauce, and scoops of ice-cream are a must-try to go with Baklawa’s fine filo layers packed with choicest of dry fruits. 

When the whole world is there on your platter, right here, would you ever want to leave the city?

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