AIESEC Pune hosts the annual Balakalakar

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Balakalakar is an annual initiative taken up by AIESEC’s Pune chapter. This year, the event was hosted for almost 600 children from four different schools on November 29, 2014 at the KCT Vidya Niketan with three more schools participating in it – Matoshri, Savitri Bai Phule and Bal Kalyan. Fifty AIESECers and a hundred youth volunteers were actively involved.

Every year, Balakalakar is organised with the intent of creating an opportunity for the less privileged children of the city to discover and develop their creative abilities through mediums such as art, dance, drama, music and craft. This is done primarily through workshops and training provided by esteemed professionals in the above fields along with AIESECers and youth volunteers.

Hussain Lokhandwala, the president of AIESEC Pune, said that although Balakalakar is an annual event, they try to bring in new elements into it every year. This year, AIESEC got artists from different parts of the world so that the children get to learn and experience new art forms, which are not available to them at their schools.


Balakalakar 2014 included workshops on origami, graffiti, contemporary dance with a Bollywood influence, contemporary dance with a Scottish influence, modern dance associated with numbers and letters, cartoon calligraphy, quilling, short stories involving dream illustrations and landscape painting. One of the highlights of this event was the Capoeira workshop, a Brazilian martial art form that includes elements of dance, music and acrobatics.

All these workshops were fun and easy to learn for the children. There was also a special session for the parents conducted by Wake Up Pune to spread awareness about HIV.


AIESEC Pune is a 27-year-old local chapter in the network of 1000 similar local chapters, which provides an international platform for students and recent graduates of the city to explore and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society. With the vision of being the First Choice Partner to activate leadership in the youth to deliver positive change, AIESEC Pune’s members strive to be the best version of their own selves. AIESEC believes that developing responsible global leaders is the most pressing issue in society today and in order to overcome challenges that the modern world brings, we must encourage our youth to be adept leaders.

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