A Punekar Risked his Life to Save Six Tourists at Bhushi Dam!

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Pune witnessed some dangerously heavy rainfall in the month of July and we were all pretty shook! A lot of us have enjoyed the rains at Bhushi Dam over the years, but recently things got quite scary there. A Punekar present at the dam saved six lives, all tourists, by risking his own life!

Due to heavy rains, the dam had been overflowing and the authorities had been deployed to ensure safety. The mighty overflow in the dam created a flood-like situation, which left some of the tourists stranded. In a video gone viral, it can be seen that the six tourists were struggling and shouting for help.

A Pune resident bravely swooped in and brought them to safety. Local authorities were soon at the scene and helped rescue the whole party.

It is unclear as to how the tourists got to an area that was cordoned off by the authorities. Please, for your own safety, don’t go against what authorities have deemed unsafe for the public. The news line for the day would have been rather grim and unpleasant if not for the timely intervention, sheer bravery and a little luck!


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