A Chat With Renowned Architect Sanjay Mohe

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With the Rohan Builders’ Drawing Board competition just around the corner, we spoke with renowned architect Sanjay Mohe about architectural trends in Pune and the country along with insights into the contest. Excerpts…

Tell me a bit about yourself…

I graduated from Sir JJ College of architecture in 1976 and started working with one of my professors from college. An opportunity of working in on one of the township project in Saudi Arabia came my way. After a span of three years in Saudi Arabia, I came back to India and worked with Ar. Charles Correa for a brief period. Subsequently I joined Chandravarkar and Thacker Associates and became one of the directors in 1995 and served in that position until Mindspace was formed in 2004.

This is the first year of the ‘Drawing board competition’, What do you think of Rohan Builders organizing such a competition for the students?


In general, architectural competitions give birth to new ideas, talent, break barriers and harvest award winning designs. Rohan builders’ organising one such competition is a very encouraging initiative for the students.

What are your thoughts about the competition brief?

The competition brief where the site and context is set in “Tambat Ali”, which is a very old area in Pune ,is created to inspire students to study traditional development and connect with the present using cutting edge technology and materials, keeping sustainability in mind.

How will the students benefit from entering this competition?

This competition would encourage students to develop their ideas, skills and creativity  to generate solutions to realistic problems and challenges.

How will the internship with Rohan Builders help?

Rohan Builders are always open to new design ideas and adopt new techniques of construction. Interning here will help one understand the process in connection with planning, design and construction of a building.

Could you give a brief overview of the future of Architecture in India and emerging trends?

In today’s world, due to easy access to information, we know about developments across the globe instantaneously. Most of the modern developments in the cities look very similar whether it is Singapore, Shanghai, New York etc. We can see Indian architecture heading in the same direction. Our urban areas are blindly following the western language of office building. First creating a glass box, then closing it with curtains, blinds to avoid glare on the computer monitors, then switching on all the lights and pumping more energy for AC to reduce heat gain through the glass. This is a criminal waste of resources. If we try and develop a built form appropriate and responsive to local climatic zones, we will be able to use the available resources efficiently. We need to look at it from Indian perspective responding to our climate, available technology, context and culture.

All you need to know about the Rohan Builders’ Drawing Board contest is here.

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