9 Traits That Prove Minions are Punekars… Po-Ka!

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Bello! By now were all pretty familiar with the small, yellow, cylindrical creatures who make us laugh with their antics, not to mention their own unique language called Minionese (yes there is such a thing). In their language, I Swear means Underwear and I’m hungry is Me want Banana. I think these little munchkins are Punekars. Here are nine reasons why!

  • Just like us Punekars, Minions don’t take life to seriously. If something gets us down we get up, dust off and keep on trucking.
  • Hardworking bunch they are and so are we; Punekars take pride in working hard and it shows.
  • They love potatoes as much as we do- show me one Punekar who can go a few days without a Vada Pav.
  • They’re multilingual! Minionese is a combination of Spanish, French and English. Just like we Punekars combine Marathi, English and Hindi, sometimes all in the same sentence.
  • Just like us, they are happiest when they please. We live to please those around us- bosses, guests, tourists, you get the drift.
  • Minions take their break time very seriously, just like we do our snack and nap time. They want their Gelato and Bananas, we want our snooze time, chaha and vadas and pohe. Nuff said.
  • Loyalty is a trait that they share with us; we are fiercely loyal to our city, family and friends so are they to their boss and the evil.
  • These little followers hate being bored and so do we. They do say that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop for good reason.
  • The most important reason they are Punekars is because they are super likable. As are we! It’s hard to be mad at a Minion (read Punekar).

Tank u for reading, Poopaye!


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