8 Special Ganeshotsav Foods Punekars Cannot Resist!

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It’s that time of the year again! If you haven’t welcomed Ganesha home with ghee-filled sweets and savories, you’ve not done this right! So while you’re out and about town visiting the pandals, here is what we suggest you do not miss out on.



Rich, luscious, melt in the mouth goodness – we bet you can’t wait to stuff yourselves with these!


Motichoor Ladoos

Soft and tender, these beauties sit innocently on the plate, tempting you to pick them up and devour them like there’s no tomorrow.

Masala Bhaat


The traditional Maharashtrian rice, an amazing combination of spices and mouth-watering textures, is a complete meal in itself. Try it with some raita or Saar on your next visit to the pandal!

Batata Bhaji


Potatoes!.Green Chilli. Curry Leaves. Coconut. And voila! Your traditional Maharashtrian dish is ready!


Ooooh the soft goodness of khoa and sugar sets some serious drool goals!


Ideally you need to pair this up with the Masala Bhaat to get the true Maharashtrian experience delivered to you right on your plate!

Kothimbir Wadi

Ask anyone and they will tell you how these coriander fritters make for the perfect snack. Enjoyed best on a rainy afternoon with a cup of hot tea.

Puran Poli


Wheat flour rotis stuffed with a mixture of jaggery and chana have got us drooling. BRB, food awaits.

Happy feasting folks!

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