8 of Pune’s Top Foodies Gathered for One #PunekarEats Night

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It was a fine Pune evening; a slight drizzle and a delicate breeze that carried the waft of delicious food. It was the same evening that The Punekar hosted a foodie meet at Café 1730. The table was aligned with especially crafted delicacies from end-to-end. We could go on and on about the food served, I mean you’ve read our #PunekarReviews, right? But this time we’ve decided to give it a bit of a twist and let you hear directly from our foodies! Here’s what they’d recommend.

Sarika Shah

Favourite Dishes: Malai Makke De Kebbab & Tomato Bruschetta


They have a vast menu of starters and I was delighted to have Malai Makke da kebab and Tomato Bruschetta. Malai Makke Da Kebab was perfectly done and was just melting in the mouth. Tomato Bruschetta is a humble dish but made an impact, herby tomato and olives did the trick.”  

Neha Joshi

Favourite Dish: Sangria & Belgian Chocolate Cake

To settle down, I had a glass of sangria, sweet and fruity in taste, and a pretty good choice for a laid back evening. For dessert, their belgian chocolate cake really stood out. The texture is rich, creamy and absolutely melt-in-your-mouth! Must try, fellow foodies!”

Sristi Sinha

Favourite Dish: Prawns Biryani & Devil on Horseback

“My love for prawns is a very well known fact, so the minute I saw the Devils on Horseback being served, the young kid in me was ogling at the fancy dish. Despite being a non-bacon person, this dish made the exception. I love the juiciness of the prawns; overall it was a perfect light appetizer. The Prawn Biryani was mouthwatering, delicious and yummy. I could have that entirely by myself and I think I shall be going to Café 1730 for the dish itself. That good!”

Ashish Swarup

Favourite Dishes: Potato Pepper & Cheese Croquettes & Vegetable Caldeen Curry

“Potato pepper and cheese croquetts were spot on. All that crunch, perfect combination of jalapeño, potato & cheese. This beautiful looking yellow curry (vegetable caldeen curry) was fragrant, and the coconut milk took it to another level. Almost like a thai curry but with a twist.” 

Surya Sharma

Favourite Dish: Stuffed Mushrooms & Spinach and Corn Creppes

“Our server suggested Stuffed Mushrooms and I would recommend this dish to everyone visiting this place! The mushrooms were fresh and juicy, and were mixed with cheese, making the overall dish delicious. Moving on to the main course, I ordered Spinach and Corn Crepes. This dish came out to be really well and it was way over my expectations. It is something everyone should try. It had a delectable blend of corn, spinach and cheese.” 

Sanil Mahajan

Favourite Dish: Buff Chilly & Prawns Biryani

“Buff dishes were really good with the right amount of flavours. Buff Chilly was well cooked with a generous amount of spices. Buff Tongue is not for the faint-hearted but I can tell you it was so much better than what I had in Hyderabad. Prawns Biryani deserves a special mention as not many restaurants in Pune get it right.”

Saryu Pathania

“If you wish to spend an evening enjoying a sit down dinner with friends and family, Cafe 1730 is the place to be. Lovely ambiance and amazing food.”

Dipika Asnani a.k.a. Editor’s Picks

Favourite Dishes: Steaks and Breakfasts. Can’t ever pick one, sorry.

“This is one of my go-to places to eat a steak, since they are cooked to perfection, whether chicken or buff. In fact, their buff meat is surprisingly tender. The steaks are served with flavourful and well complimented sauces. This is also a go-to place for a perfect English breakfast!”

What’s your favourite dish? Let us know!

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