8 Insanely Good Biryani Joints in Pune!

Lunch sorted. Dinner sorted. Tomorrow's breakfast also sorted.

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I could blabber on about how flavourful the dish is, how it feeds our souls, was probably Jesus’s favourite food etc. But that’s not what you’re here for. So, getting right to the point, here are some of the places that serve the good/authentic stuff in Pune.

SP Biryani House, Sadashiv Peth

A landmark in itself, SP Biryani House serves one of the most delicious Biryanis in the city. The place is clean and its staff is prompt. I wouldn’t go as far as calling the preparation authentic, but the Biryanis here have their own unmatched flavour. While we’re talking about this spot, other must-try dishes here are the Gavaran Chicken Masala, Mutton Masala, Prawns Pulav and the Surmai Fry. Having said that, you’d still always go back for the Biryani. Always.

Tiranga Non-Veg House, Kothrud


This place has won awards for its Biryani (by Zomato and more). What I particularly love about it here is the local, spicy twist to the dish. It’s a burst of flavours in your mouth! The joint’s location is prime, has a good ambience, its staff is courteous service is quick. Spicy meat lovers will particularly enjoy sweating it out during this season.

George Restaurant, Camp

Of course this one’s on the list. How could it not be? There isn’t a single best-Biryani-in-Pune debate that hasn’t had a mention of George Restaurant. These guys serve authentic Persian-style Biryani, with just the right flavours and spice. The meat pieces are cooked to perfection and will just about melt in your mouth. When you head to George next, make a note to try their Fish Biryani, which isn’t quite written about as much as it deserves to be.

Nisarg, Erandwane

Although Nisarg is known for its seafood dishes, you absolutely must try their Biryanis. Especially the Prawn Biryani. You. Will. Die. or at least go into a more-than-welcome #FoodComa. Their portions are enough for two people (unless you’re, well, a VERY heavy eater), preparations are more on the authentic side and the flavour is top notch. There isn’t a day of the week when this place isn’t swarming with customers during lunch and dinner.

Blue Nile, Camp

You’d probably find and shoot me down if this wasn’t on the list. But that isn’t why I mentioned it. It truly does serve one of the most authentic Biryanis in Pune. A number of non-Punekars have heard legendary tales about the Biryani at Blue Nile. Their Tandoori Chicken and Chelo Kebabs are other must-haves here.

Dorabjee and Sons, Camp

Restaurants and generations have come and gone and this place still stands tall, proudly serving authentic Iranian-style Biryani for decades now. The satisfaction with each bite is pure heaven. The aromatic Biryani is cooked in just the right spices and each spice flavour comes out absolutely perfect. I personally like getting their Mutton Biryani along with the Mutton Sali.

Aroma’s Hyderabad House, Hinjewadi

Aroma's Hyderabad House Pune

The place isn’t exactly a legend like some of the others on this list but it serves some delicious Biryani, known for its aroma, spices and huge quantity. Would you look at the Biryani section of their menu? I’ll just leave it at that.

Madinah, Camp, near Poona College

The place is easy to miss but thanks to its popularity, you can ask around and people will gladly guide you to it. If you’re all about the ambience, then I’d suggest you go for a take away. Just don’t miss out on the Biryani here. And, while you’re at it, don’t miss out on the Kebabs either.

A nice and heavy Biryani lunch before your nap time today is exactly what the day calls for, Pune! 

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