8 Food Joints in Aundh You Absolutely Must Visit


For the longest time, there was nothing more than a few kirana shops and the odd café in Aundh. My food memories from early days in this neighborhood involve some soya chips from the little grocery stores in Sindh Society and some questionable pani puri from a kirana dukan masquerading as a mithai shop on DP road.

But today is a brand new gastronomic era in this residential area. From authentic Korean to bona fide Bengali, there are a number of options to make a fat kid like me happy. Here are my favorites from Aundh…

https://www.orthodonticpartners.net/mirtyew/4173 Café Maroo

When you do actually find this place, you’ll thank your stars you did. From the cute décor to the pop of the gochujang sauce, you’ll love everything about this unassuming and very authentic Korean food joint.

bocardi ligar para chico pinheiro ao vivo Apyayan

If Bengali food is more than rasgulla and mishiti doi for you, then you have to visit this place. Of course, the fish is gorgeously cooked and absolutely melts in the mouth. But the poshto and mochar ghonto will steal your heart too. Try the biryani as well!

http://serezin-du-rhone.fr/pifpaxys/6485 Coco Vanille

This one is for those of us in Aundh who were looking for a fancy café of our own. Macaroons et al. Good coffee, atrociously yummy cakes and a smiling owner. And their Cheesecakes? Cheesecake snob approved!

Read Full Article Rosso Bianco

Unlike the name, there isn’t much pretense about this place. Hearty desi-italian that makes for complete comfort food. What’s more, time travel back to your awkward teenage years with sound tracks from Backstreet Boys, Boyzone and Diana King playing in the background. All the more reason to stuff your face with food!

https://www.cedarforestloghomes.com/enupikos/9592 Polka Dots

Polka Dots has been my trusted friend when all else disappointed the cynical foodie in me. It’s been consistent, gutsy and casually cool all these years. They can dish out a maa ki daal with as much panache as a Mediterranean dish with cous cous and grilled veggies. If only they could have more comfortable chairs!

useful content La Bouche D’Or

When a cute French man decides to open a patisserie in your neighborhood, you do all you can to make him stay. No seriously, their breads are fantastic (baguette and sourdough especially) and the quiches are buttery crumbs enveloping the most silken filling your palate has ever encountered.

expat dating de benalup-casas viejas Breaking Bread

This little food truck sits hiding in plain sight. Oh what a pataka of flavours they pack! From the Hot Mess to the Peri Peri Chicken burger, you’d curse yourself for not visiting sooner.

click here to find out more Mann Dairy

Nothing soothes spice-stimulated taste buds more than a cool lassi from Mann Dairy. Rich, authentically Punjabi and brilliantly refreshing, the lassi here is served in awfully small glasses but believe me, that’s all you need!

Is there someplace you know in Aundh that I haven’t mentioned and should try? Please do me a favour and comment below!

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