7 Vohuman Cafe Food Pictures to Feed your Soul

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Are you a Punekar? If yes, you do not need an introduction to Vohuman Cafe. You’re not a Punekar? In that case, first off, welcome to Pune’s most awesome webzine. Secondly, Vohuman Cafe is one of Pune’s oldest, most legendary food landmarks.

It’s not even like they serve a variety of international cuisines; nah Bro, they’re single-handedly responsible for satisfying a true-blue Punekar’s cravings for the most epic breakfast/lunch of all time- omelettes, bun-maska and chai. Add in there a slather of the creamiest butter and the most delish jam. Dear sweet LORD. Here’s a tribute to our favourite food joint of all time!

Would you just look at that? #PunekarEats


Pic: Aadel Najafi

That butter tho.

Pic: Sparshita Das (Instagram)

Biting into the heaven that is their Cheese Omelette.

Pic: Priyanka Gujral

Look at the amount of butter. It would make even Lord Krishna happy. Hum toh bas Punekar hain.

Pic: Dnyanesh Jindam

I NEED to go make some Chai. I just can’t right now.

Pic: Son_Kun333 (Instagram)

Because their Bhurji is Bae. Also, currently wondering whether I can eat a second lunch and whether I can score a spot to eat this right now. Probably too crowded.

Pic: dineshlicious (Instagram)

We all owe so, so much to this man. THANK YOU Mr. Hormaz Irani.

Pic: Unknown. DM us for credits, please 🙂

Brb, need to recover from these pics that gave me the deepest of them foodie FEELS. 

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