7 Vets in Pune Who Make House Calls

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As a pet owner, I can safely say that I greatly panic when my dog falls sick or gets hurt. The simple fact that they can’t speak out loud about their distress causes us to sometimes overreact, and it’s natural. Humans can express what’s happening to them and we still need doctors to cure us. So pets rightly need the alert treatment and a thorough watch throughout their recovery.

Enter our angels, our city’s veterinary doctors. In a way, our entire sense of happiness and hope rests on them because they take care of the most important family member. They’re not credited enough so let me thank them first in this article, they’re doing a fantastic service to all of us. Kudos!

Now some of our pets need medical attention with the utmost urgency. Especially old pets with whom we can’t commute, and in their times of need, they need medically-trained assistance. Some wonderful vets in our city make house visits and through this article, I’d like to bring their contact details to your attention. They will visit your place, treat your furry family member and soothe some jittery nerves.


Dr. Mahesh Raut 

Phone number: 8087020340

Clinic: Satara Road

Dr. Zishan Patel 

Phone number: 8483832479

Clinic: Undri Road

Dr. Ravindranath Talele 

Phone number: 9423003884

Clinic: Kothrud

Dr. Vinay Gorhe & Dr. Swanand Vinay Gorhe

Phone number: 2025390666

Clinic: Kothrud

Dr. Anjali Dave 

Phone number: 9527356059

Clinic: Kondhwa

Dr. Swagat Deshkar 

Phone number: 9096138373

Clinic: Baner

Dr. Nath B.

Phone number: 9028224872

Clinic: Magarpatta Road

Edit: This is to avoid misunderstandings that Pet parents/Pet lovers might have in the future:

Most of the vets listed in this article have full-fledged clinical and surgical setups. They do home visits but it’s either before OPD time or hours when their clinics are closed. If a pet parent calls during clinic timings and when there are patients / surgeries going on (or other emergencies), it’s difficult for them to make house calls at the same time. And this can be disappointing for the parent, leading to further misunderstandings.

These vets do home calls, but within certain timings. They are always there for emergencies during the night with cell phones ON for 24 hours. 

Hope you understand what they intend to convey for the health and happiness of our beloved Pets.

This message was sent to the Editor by one of the vets mentioned in this list. Thank you!

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