7 Ultimate Burger Joints in Pune

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From burgers with fat, juicy patties topped with cheese and dripping with mayo to thin and crisp fillers swathed in cheese and sauce, Pune is home to a variety of burgers. We bring to you a list of the most wanted burgers that even the health freaks crave for once in a while.


The hulking patty smothered with mayo and ketchup is still a must for every true Punekar. The 90s saw it crowded on the weekends with college students who’d come down to catch up with their buddies, or students who’d sneak in during extra classes and executives who’d drop by for a quick lunchtime snack. Twenty years and not much has changed. Loyalists swear by the jumbo chicken burger even while international chains and gourmet burgers are making their way into the market.



Great ingredients make great burgers, which is why Burgertron’s mean steak is a clear winner. A thick, juicy patty sandwiched between buns and filled with coleslaw come together to create a perfect harmony that only a true food lover can enjoy. The tinge of the sauce and that marinade of the juicy patty make sure that you can- and will- go out of your way to stop by at this food truck again. And those Chilli Fries.


This one’s set to offer you a surprise. The super humongous creations here come stuffed with extra juicy, extra thick patties filled with fresh shredded tomato and lettuce, pickles, cheese and sauce. Being an international chain famous for it’s mean steaks and burgers, Chili’s offers a large portion of fries along with the burgers. What’s more, you can ask them for unlimited reloads of the fries!


Hit with a greasy, sinful burger craving in the middle of the night? The juicy, crunchy parcel of happiness from Burger 11is your getaway to burger heaven. Try the Buffmeister and thank us later. Oh also, they deliver all over Pune.


Drooling at the thought of that greasy, top tier burger with that flavourful meat and cheese sandwiched between fresh buns? Those kind of burgers are the kinds you get emotionally attached to. Your dreams don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket, the doors of Burger Barn Café are always open to you.


No frills, just a plain mean steak that will have you ordering the second one, that’s what Burger House believes in. A simple juicy patty served between buns and swathed with sauce results in a thing of simple beauty that has loyalists queuing up as early as 11:00am. There are a bunch of other things to eat at this simple neighborhood restaurant, but not getting the burger here would be a crime.


In a city where burgers run amok, being a vegetarian can be quite a bummer. Marzorin saves the day as it comes forth with its famous Cheese Burger with Zoom Sauce. You have to visit the store to understand the legacy of that sauce; a humble seating arrangement might not be the most impressive thing about the restaurant, but one bite of that burger served with shredded cheese and loaded with zoom sauce will have you hooked.

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