7 Types of Puneri Drivers!

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When was the last time you got back home with a smile on your face after driving, or rather, braving through the traffic in the city? Just when you thought you had it bad due to the potholes, you now have the drivers to watch out for. Here’s a hilarious account of car drivers you will find in Pune…

The ones with the need for speed

The minute they get behind the wheel, they zoom off as if a part of the Moto GP. Potholes, vehicles, pedestrians, animals… they don’t feel the need to stop for anyone. They treat the road like a race circuit, and never like losing. If you want to stay safe, make way for them!

The Honkers


They believe the traffic will automatically sort itself out if they continue honking. Or that the power of honking can get the red signal to turn green for them. They will honk in traffic jams, on empty roads, and probably even when the car is in their garage.

The Road Ragers

The sole purpose of them getting out on the roads is to pick fights with everybody. You’re walking on the pavement when I’m trying to drive there? *fights* You’re driving too slow in the slow lane? *fights* They also seem to have a good knowledge of all the swear words in 3-4 languages.

The Ones with the Swag

Look, my car has a supersonic sound system and I play Honey Singh and Bhai songs (#BhaiRoxx) and cruise along. They have a mini-party going on inside their car at any given point of the day, and are probably the only ones who are allowed to get away with the dark car windows. Very cool… but maybe we could limit the use of those speakers to the pandals only?

The Rebels

Rules? Ain’t nobody got time for that! They’ll break signals, drive off the road, not wait at crossroads, ignore road signs, change lanes abruptly and cut through the traffic like they are on a two-wheeler. They are a pedestrian’s nightmare.

The Lost Guys

In the middle of all the madness, you have these poor folks who don’t understand road signs, directions or even something as basic as signals. They’ll wait at green signals, drive away at red ones, turn left while giving a right indicator… or not turn at all. They’re a little too lost to be on the roads, no?

The Savvy Drivers

Very rarely do you find the guys who know their road signs, rules and etiquette required while driving. We almost consider it a lucky sign if we come across them during our drives. Or lives.

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