7 Types of Punekars at New Year’s Eve Parties

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Ah, New Year’s Eve… It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular party goer or party pooper, a heavy drinker or one-year sober, because this is the night that everyone heads out to party. Not only is this a night to remember (or not remember for some!) but there are also some people to remember! We’ve all come across these types of fellow Punekars at NYE Parties, so start tagging your friends if you see them in the list!

The Party Virgin

This Punekar is in absolute AWE of everything. The excitement is right at the edge and just tipping over. You can spot them because they will take frikkin ages at the already crowded bar and then probably burn their mouth on a flaming shot. If they are not at the bar, you’ll spot them clicking selfies with absolutely random things, including the buffet. Probably went home looking homeless by the end of the night because they aren’t used to drinking.

The Selfie Queen/King


This Punekar is dressed to impress. They’re dressed in gowns and suits like it’s a red carpet event and not a party that will end in Jumma Chumma. That’s really the only reason they got out, to flaunt that one outfit that was sitting in the closet way too long. You’ll find them moving swiftly through the crowd and clicking pictures with everyone. You might mistake them for the hosts, but nobody really knows who they belong to. Koi leke jao isko yaar.

The Party Pooper

This is the bechara Punekar who would have much rather spent bringing in the New Year with a good book and a warm cuppa, but landed up at the party due to peer pressure. You’ll spot them because they’ll be the ones that spend a lot of time looking at their watch and avoiding eye contact. Poor buddy.

The Enthu Cutlet

Over drinks, over dances, over – everything! Gulps down a bar, puts together a one-person flash mob, and keeps telling you it’s the best night ever! Breaks into a Bollywood routine at random. Needs to be stuffed in the car and driven home by the end of the party, because this one just won’t leave.

The Emo Queen/King

The one girl/guy who gets drunk and emotional about the year ending for no good reason. They start by professing their love to everyone and gets into a very ‘hugging’ mood. The scene slowly changes from happy to sappy in no time and he/she starts crying (nobody still knows why) like Alok Nath giving away his daughter at a bidai.

The Beast Unleashed

This is the Punekar that comes to the party all classy and elegant. They don’t talk much at first, only polite conversation with everyone. A few drinks go down and they are unrecognisable! The beast is unleashed; all pretense of elegance has been forgotten as they suddenly become a party animal, while people slowly start to creep away from them. It’s like coming to the party with Dr. Bruce Banner and leaving with the Hulk!

The ‘Came to Get Laid’ One

They begin the night with smooth talk like cream cheese spread on a bagel. A few drinks go down, so do their inhibitions and suddenly they’re coming on to everything and everyone around them. Their desperate hopes of crossing ‘get laid’ from their 2016 bucket list are soon obvious. 

Happy New Year, readers!

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