7 Things Mumbaikars Need To Stop Saying To Punekars

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Dear Mumbaikars, we love you and your city. We really do. And we’d love you guys even more if you’d show us some love in return by not saying these seven much-heard lines… So stahp.

Pune life is too slow-paced


You only feel that way because like you, we don’t spend a hundred hours everyday transporting ourselves from one area to another.


Pune doesn’t have good food variety


When was the last time you went on a Pune food trail? 1982? Yeah, you may want to try that again now. From local dishes to a vast variety of international cuisines, we’re pretty much sorted on the food front. What say, #PuneFoodies?

Pune gets boring

You say that because you’re not ‘doing Pune right’. Between the aforementioned food trails, street shopping, treks, heritage walks and our pubs and bars, you wouldn’t have the time to get bored.

Pune doesn’t have a good nightlife


Again, it ain’t the 1982 Pune you’re most likely referring to. We’re spoilt for choice today when we have to pick a bar/club/pub to go to. A pub crawl in Pune will get your head reeling; literally, if you do it while downing the mixes of heady, delicious cocktails the city has to offer.

Pune doesn’t have a beach


Neither do we have the humidity to go with it thankyouverymuch. Moreover, we got them mountains, forts and the greenery you crave for when you’re stuck in traffic for two hours, going from one concrete structure to another.

Pune doesn’t have good shopping


Ok, so we may not have the Louis Vuittons and Burberrys, but we do have the Zaras, H&Ms (opening Oct 15, actually), Gaps (Oct 8) and some pretty kickass street shopping across the city. You could spend an entire day in our malls and still not get enough.

You’re a “Puneite”

Wassat? Uh, no. I’m a ‘Punekar’. And while we’re at it, for the last time, it’s not “Poona”.

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