7 Swimming Pools in Pune With No Membership Hassles

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Pune, summer is scorching our skins and it’s really a task to step out during the day; 41 degrees last weekend (almost melted, tbh)! We’re doing all we can to cool off and one of the best ways to do so is drinking (and diving into) water! Why pay for a year-round club/pool membership when you can swim in these amazing pools in the city at hourly rates. Read up on! 

Club Solaris | Kothrud
Image: Vipin Karande

One of the most popular fitness centers in the city, Club Solaris is widely loved by its members as well as its non-frequent patrons. You can get a one-time pass for INR 200 for 45 minutes, or you can buy a monthly membership for INR 2000. Fair warning, place does get pretty crowded during evenings.


Artemis Club | Warje


This new swimming club near the Pune Bypass Highway is the next big thing for locals. It’s a good place to learn how to swim or to brush up on your strokes. The depth is 7 feet which is pretty good! You can get a one-time pass for INR 50 for 45 minutes.

Balewadi Stadium | Balewadi
Image: Chandra Mouli

This gigantic stadium also boasts of an in-house swimming pool. They have a kids’ pool, an adults’ pool and a pool dedicated for professional swimmers. It’s a huge pool, perfect for especially those who already know how to swim. You can buy a one-time pass for INR 50 for 45 minutes.

The Royal Club | Gokhle Nagar


Literally located at the base of a hill, The Royal Club has amazing swimming coaches, immaculate changing rooms, clean water and in general really fun vibes. Cough up a hundred bucks and you can swim here for 45 minutes. They do charge a small registration fee as well.

Pegasus Health Club | Karve Nagar


Equipped with two swimming pools- a baby pool as well as an adult one- this health centre is really versatile. Although it does get crowded, the place is perfect for early morning swims. Get their one-time pass for INR 150 for 45 minutes or a monthly membership for INR 1000.

Poona Club | Pune Camp


Although it’s a members-only club, there’s a sweet little hack which can help you to take that dip. All you need to do is to find an existing member and take them along, and pay a meagre fee of INR 100. If you’re a serious swimmer, I’d suggest you avoid the pool during evenings, it gets pretty crowded!

Royal Connaught Boat Club | Boat Club Road


Another members-only club, but you can hack it in a similar way. You can buy a day pass for INR 200 by taking a club member along, and the swimming pool isn’t as crowded as the Poona Club one. A perfect place to get a good workout as well!

So, Pune peeps, let’s make the most of summer and dive in! 

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