7 Super Delicious Maggi Joints Across Pune

Maggi for the soul!


Time to address Pune’s love affair with the ubiquitous Maggi; the one thing you’re sure to find no matter where you are or what time it is. Redi walas, thele walas, small eateries tucked away in quiet residential areas and even swanky pubs and restaurants in Pune serve up interesting renditions of Maggi and I’m counting down seven of the loveliest, most unique Maggi dishes you can find in Pune!

http://www.yellowrage.com/krabik/1478 Peri Peri Cheese Mag click here for info gi at Crazy Cheesy, Sadashiv Peth

You know you’re in the right place when you find yourself at the “Khau Galli” at Sadashiv Peth. Crazy Cheesy (gotta love it) is a cute little café that, as the name suggests, serves up delicious cheesy goodies at lightning speed. The Peri Peri Cheese Maggie is exactly the kind of ooey-gooey click reference masaledar goodness you crave on a rainy day. The Peri Peri masala packs in a ton of flavour and the addition of cheese adds just the right touch of creaminess to balance it out.

Smoked Chicken Maggi at Tea Trails, Hadapsar


As a die-hard tea drinker, I will go to the ends of the Earth to find a great cup of tea. Lucky for me, I only had to go to Hadapsar to find it with a steaming hot bowl of Smoked Chicken Maggi. Velvety chunks of chicken with a hint of smokey BBQ seasoning, washed down with a hot cup of tea? Very few things in life are better than that!

Chicken Tikka Maggi at The Beer Café, Viman Nagar

You’ll find this under the ‘canteen favourites’ section of their menu and be instantly transported to school days when Maggi made up our staple diet. The Beer Café takes a humble Maggi and jazzes it up with every Indian’s go-to starter- Chicken Tikka!

Waari Vegetable Maggi at Waari Book Café, Kothrud

Just the place for book lovers. A good book, a warm meal, a cuppa http://josiart.at/rete/10532 chai, free Wi-Fi marineland rencontre avec les otaries and a comfortable corner to curl away into. That’s the dream and Waari Book Café makes it happen. Head on over if you’re looking for some alone time, or if you have a college assignment to complete. Sit back and enjoy a bowl of Waari Maggi while you’re at it; full of veggies, humble, hearty and nutritious!

Masala & Cheese Maggi at Anna’s Maggi Centre, Koregaon Park, Lane 5 and Lane C

We recently released a video for these guys and viewers lapped it up without a trace of Masala specks. And just in case you happen to be here, you do NOT want to miss their Egg Rice either.

Home-style Maggi at Meena’s Point, Salunke Vihar Road

A tiny little eatery nestled away on Salunke Vihar Road, Meena’s Point is a local favourite. Especially when you’re craving some home-style Maggi, the way Mummy makes it. Easy on the pocket and always big on flavour, Meena’s Point has a large selection of Maggis to choose from; right from Maggi with Salami to Masala Maggie with fried egg. Order yourself a cup of cutting chai to go with your Maggi and you’re golden.

Soup Style Maggie at Shanaa’s Café, Kothrud


You know how soup is the best thing in the world when you’re feeling blue or under the weather or when it’s raining outside or when you want and instant, fuss-free dinner? Now what do you get when you combine your favourite Maggie with soup? You get a bowl of warm-you-to-the-bone soup-style Maggie that will make you all warm and fuzzy inside. Enjoy this at Shanaa’s Café in Kothrud.

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