7 Summer Cocktails You Must Try at Our Current Favourite Spot!

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Imagine this: It’s sunny and sweltering outside; your clothes are sticking onto you with sweat. Sitting coolly to one side, unperturbed by India’s patented prickly heat is tall glass holding a swirly, colourful beverage with little droplets of moisture sliding down the sides. You lick your lips and picture yourself wrapping your hand around it, a cold feeling washing down as you take a large swig. It is literally the sexiest scene imaginable this summer, isn’t it? We’re here to give you exactly that feeling and more, with some of the most delicious summer cocktails you can find in town at Café 1730.

The Bartender Mix Martini

A twist to a classic drink to make a flavourfully tropical martini, perfect for a summer evening! Vodka shaken with the sweet juices of pomegranate, musk melon, and apple, and orange for a bit of zing! You will taste summer!


Lychee Rose Martini

If this drink was personified, it would be a beautiful angel wearing a crown of roses. Okay, so I have a soft spot for anything rose, but I promise you this is unbiased. It’s a gorgeous little cocktail with a soft colour and a heavenly aroma. It is just perfect for a classy girl’s night out.

This pretty concoction is vodka shaken with lychee puree with rose giving it a sweet and subtle flavour, which is balanced with a tinge of fresh lime. If you like your drinks on the sweeter side like me, you can opt to go without the lime!

Sweet Lime and Jalapeno Martini

Feeling a little daring? Here’s something unique you can try! The mild spice from the Jalapenos is sure to wake you up and give you a slight buzz. On the other hand, the sweet lime is extremely refreshing, leaving you with a great aftertaste. The drink is just the right balance of sweet, sour and spicy and leaves a burst of flavours in your mouth. Great option for a party night!

Triple Orange Margheritta

The combined goodness of fresh, tangy, sweet oranges made more distinct with sweet orange liqueur and balanced out with strong tequila. It strikes all the right keys and makes a wonderful drink for a lazy afternoon in the alfresco setting of Café 1730.

Musk Melon Sangria

A refreshing twist to the already refreshing fruit sangria. The musk melon sangria is a sweeter version of the drink, shaken with musk melon juice, vodka and white wine, making it summery. Many bonus points for the fresh chunks of melon in it! Great for a weekend brunch.

Lemon Grass Ginger Mojito

Regular mint Mojitos are going to be old news after you taste this amazing concoction. Another one of my soft spots is lemongrass. The amazing fragrance and subtle citric flavour is great and doesn’t leave a tangy or sour taste behind. Adding ginger to this kicks up the taste a whole notch! Mix these up with some rum and you’ve got a winner!

Passion Fruit Beertail

We all know those friends who refuse a perfectly good cocktail and opt for a beer. It’s okay, Café 1730 understands, which is why they’ve got a fruity beer for you! Handcrafted wheat beer stirred with passion fruit for added sweetness and balanced with fresh-lime. Can’t say no now, can you?

That’s all for now, I know where you’re headed this weekend, let me know how it was!

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