7 Students on why Pune is Home away from Home

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Pune is one of the most warmly welcoming city in the country. Month on month, so many Indians move here to make it their permanent home. More often, it’s students who come to Pune from across the nation to study and then further secure their careers here. We asked seven students why Pune is the perfect home away from home for them. Here’s what they had to say…

Preeti Lazarus


Pune is such a vibrant city. From mouth-watering local food, getaway destinations at such close proximity and such blissful weather, Pune is the place to reckon as home away from home for me!


Souvik Basu


The beauty of this city is its diversity and the warmth that its amiable crowd has to offer, making it the ideal home when you are away from home.

Kajal Arora


Pune has this sense of freedom and comfort that lets me be myself and feel comfortable in my own skin, which in turn makes the city feel like home more than anything!

Diwakar Joshi


It’s not as polluted as Delhi and the weather is really good here all the time. The nightlife is also something I like about Pune! There’s so much to do, see and experience in the city.

Amol Dandge


Punekars really appreciate art and that makes this city beautiful in my eyes. The city is home is so many talented artists and that’s really heartwarming! It takes a decent amount of maturity to not only appreciate art but also enjoy it to its fullest, no matter in what form!

Vidhanth Chettri


The weather here reminds me of my hometown and how can you not fall in love with those gorgeous Puneri sunsets! There’s something so special about witnessing a sunset here every evening; remarkable!

Pushkaraj Patil


The modern outlooks and its attachment to its roots at the same time makes Pune unique and a perfect home to me.

So, tell us, whether you’re a seasoned Punekar or a new one, what makes the city home for you? 

Feature image by @gatacdo7 via Instagram

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