7 Reasons why Pune is the Best City to Celebrate Diwali in!

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Pune isn’t called the culture capital of the state for nothing. And, Diwali holidays spent in this city are sure to bring about a serious case of euphoria! Here are seven reasons that prove Pune is THE city to enjoy this festive season in…

The Food!


Of course this is the first point. You most likely won’t find bhukkads like us anywhere else in the country. Every street and corner is bursting with delectable food, hot and delicious, just waiting to be consumed by our forever-hungry Puneri souls. And this Diwali, let’s attack the farals and those Chitale Bandhu and Kaka Halwai sweets like never before!


The Shopping!

Malls, check. Street shopping, check. Huge, cheap markets, check. Big brands, check.

Image by Kaustubh Gaikwad
The Lights!

They’re everywhere across the city… on trees, walls, buildings, petrol pumps, apartment complexes, shopping malls. The city looks like Disneyland during this time of the year. And the sight is simply heartwarming.

The Weather!


Chilly mornings, pleasant afternoons and gorrrrgeous, lit-up evenings… Oh, Pune, you’re simply perfect during Diwali, aren’t you? *Punekars collectively whisper yes*

The Colours!


Mix in the kandils, diyas, elaborate rangolis and the festive, dhinchak clothes with our natural greenery in quaint lanes, and you have a burst of colours, leaving you with memories to last until the next festive season comes around. Again, Pune, you so pretty!

The Views! 

You’ll hear this line every time someone’s standing at a height, happily gazing at Pune’s skyline, lit up like the entire city’s getting hitched: “That view tho”. And during Diwali, boy oh boy oh boy. Come, see for yourself!

The People!

All year round, we’re a warm, loving and friendly folk. Come Diwali, double that. Neh, triple it. We’re downright cuddly. We smile and wish seasons’ greetings to strangers crossing us on the streets. Some might say that we’re borderline creepy with the love and warmth. We Punekars are simply THE BEST!

Happy Diwali, people! Let’s keep it clean, safe and pollution-free, ok? Enjoy!

Feature image by Kaustubh Gaikwad via Instagram

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