7 Reasons Why Neera is Pune’s Best Summer Drink

नीरा विक्री केंद्र

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Pune summers are cruel, man. Stepping out and doing anything productive becomes a huge problem. Ironically, most of our outdoor plans seem to happen in the summer, what a headache! Temperatures are unforgiving and no matter the amount of precautions you take before heading out, the heat will get to you.

The solution to this? Keeping yourself hydrated. That doesn’t mean just water, but drinking something which keeps the glucose level in your body intact. Heat kills your energy, and it’s dangerous when you’re driving or walking as it can lead to a full-blown pass out incident. Thankfully, nature has blessed us with enough miracles to combat this harsh season, and Neera happens to be one such magical potion.

Neera in Pune

Everyone has tried Neera at least once in their life, so you might vaguely know what it is. However, do you know why it’s so healthy and the best drink for summers? If you don’t, check this out!


  1. Completely Natural – A gift from nature herself; it’s obvious that Neera won’t harm you. Your body is already used to Neera even if you haven’t tried it. How? Neera is a byproduct of coconut, and Punekars love coconut. So considering our geographic location and the weather, Neera is a perfect solution for hydrating yourself.
  2. Hangover Cure – Neera acts as a beautiful hangover cure; its ability to remove acetaldehyde (toxic property caused by alcohol consumption) is also another reason why medical experts suggest Neera consumption for liver and alcohol poisoning problems.
  3. No Diabetic Woes – Considering Neera’s low Glycemic Index (GI), which is used to measure how quickly and high a food item raises sugar levels, Neera is the best drink for people who suffer from diabetes but are looking for ways to beat the summer heat with a sweet and cool drink.
  4. Combatting Other Diseases – Again, because of low GI, Neera is a positive catalyst for battling obesity and other cardiovascular diseases. Sometimes, Neera is often recommended as a positive drink for breast, colon, pancreas, and prostate cancer. It also acts as a relief for asthma, TB, and urinary tract infections.
  5. Rich in Minerals – Minerals help us to lower the blood pressure. Neera has copious amounts of zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It is a natural supplement for people suffering from iron deficiency problems and anemia.
  6. Perfect Detox Drink – Being rich in vitamins as well, Neera is the best natural detox drink. Replace those fancy and artificially sweetened detox drinks- Neera is an amazing alternative solution.
  7. The Best Skin Health Solution – No need for fancy cosmetic creams or anti-aging solutions- when nature gives, it gives whole heartedly. Skin problems occur due to pollution and temperature spikes (uh, oh Punekars) and Neera solves all those problems. So wrinkles, dark spots, or signs of aging, Neera is the ultimate solution. Sorry if this last bit sounded like a typical skin care ad.

These are just the health benefits, there’s also one massive factor I haven’t even spoken of. The taste! It is absolutely delicious and being naturally sweet, you don’t have to worry about weight or side effects. So the next time you’re driving and need to stop by for a drink, hit up one of the roadside Neera stalls. One stop solution for our summer woes, Pune!

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