7 Reasons why Every Traveller Needs to Check Out Bragpacker.com in Pune!

Travellers can Rent, Try and Buy!

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As avid travelers, we jump at every opportunity to travel as much as possible; when wanderlust calls, we answer! But before each trip comes the anxiety of preparing and packing for it and the multiple rounds of shopping we need to do for it.

Imagine this – you’re going for a night trek, a wildlife photography safari or even a camping night out. You are raring to go when you realize the ton of equipment you need for it and all the money you will need to spend for fancy equipment you may never use again. While you hustle to beg, borrow or steal, there is now a better way out of your travel gear woes!

Bragpacker, an excellent travel gear-renting initiative started in Mumbai has now launched in Pune to give us the widest choice of branded specialized travel products that are available to rent, try or buy. Here are seven reasons why Bragpacker is so awesome for travellers!

Global Brands for Rent



Bragpacker sources innovative travel products from all over the world – some exclusively available only with them in India. They research the best products, most well-suited for Indian travellers, so you don’t have to. You get Deuter for Backpacks, Victorinox for Suitcases, GoPros, the latest Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras and lenses, Maclaren Strollers – basically no-compromise products that give you the best experience.

Thorough Inventory


Catering to varied requirements, Bragpacker packs a massive and thorough inventory which takes care of all your traveling needs; in fact, it is the largest travel rental inventory in India! It includes travel gear for photography, luggage, baby care essentials, outdoor gear for trekking and camping, and so much more!

Try Before You Buy


This unique feature allows you to try the equipment and gear rather than just buying it directly. If you like it, you can buy the product (brand new) with the rental adjusted against the price. If you don’t, just return the product for a small rental fee. How cool is that!

Spend on Experiences, Save on Luggage


At an extremely lucrative daily rent fee, which is less than 1% of the product cost per day, you don’t have to save up or keep dreaming about using the best gear. With the equipment cost taken care of, your trip cost becomes easily manageable. Simply rent what you need and set your travel plans in motion!

Hassle-Free Renting Process

The renting process is extremely easy and transparent. Every product is listed on their website with the rental price. Just add the items you need to your cart and check out. Bragpacker will take care of everything else and the item will be delivered to your doorstep a day prior to your trip. Your travel itinerary can now have your entire focus!

Clean, Original and Fully Functional Products


Bragpacker guarantees that their products will come to you in great shape – professionally cleaned, tested and loaded with all you need to use them out of the box.

Rent Out Your Equipment

With Bragpacker, you can do more than just buying or renting equipment according to your needs. They also have another option where you list your product to rent out; now you can earn steady money on your gear investment.

We haven’t come across something this cool in a while, you know? What with our regular road trips, weekend fort treks, and our obsession with photographing all our experiences, Bragpacker’s thought of everything and got our travel equipment needs completely sorted!

To stay updated with their products, you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or call them on 7030998998 for any queries. Happy travels, Punekars!

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