7 Reasons Why Being a Student in Pune Is the Best!

Campus life!

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The education capital of Maharashtra, the Oxford of the East, Pune attracts more students than any other city in our state. With a variety of top colleges to choose from, Pune is a stalwart source of higher education. This has always been our culture- education has always been in the center of everything we are and do.

Our city has given birth to a lot of individuals who have gone on to create their own magnificent reputation in their respective fields. From actors to scientists, we cater to all the branches of the education tree. However, education isn’t just the sole reason why Pune attracts so many non-local students. It’s the entire experience, which includes student life and campus life. These are the seven reasons why you should definitely come to Pune for studying!


Education Oriented Economy – Pune’s general economy shifts towards education. From the printing to publication industry, the income is often oscillated within the education sector. With this comes a general sense of importance and seriousness towards students. Chances are that living in Pune as a student will be much easier than a lot of places.


Safety – The biggest worry for any parent is the safety of their kids. For female students, it’s really important that the city life should not take a toll on women. Also, college life often means late night parties or even commuting alone at night. Being one of the safest cities in the country, Pune is ideal for students!


Nightlife – All work and no play makes a student… well, dull. For others as well as their own self. Nightife is an important part of college life; going out with friends and having a good time is essential. Thankfully, Pune’s nightlife has picked up and we have a lot of cheap but super cool places which give special discounts for students and offer Happy Hours!

Cost of Living – Depending on which part of the city you live in, the cost of living in Pune is lower than a lot of other metropolitan cities. Rent, groceries, commuting etc. are cheaper than a lot of cities. Which is not to say that living in Pune is cheap, but for the standard of education you get, it’s definitely worth it.


Campus Life – A renowned college is incomplete without a good and active campus life, and Pune’s colleges firmly believe in this. Several extra-curricular activities ensure that students get ample opportunities to test their strengths and weaknesses, often getting new insights and eventually changing their choice of profession for their passion. Pune start-ups are a testimony of this. Symbiosis, Ferguson, BMCC, all have amazing college fests which inspire students to explore their skills.

Placements – With several reputed companies arriving in Pune, decent placements and job offers are another lucrative reason for studying in Pune. With the rise of IT parks and so many other sectors, students in Pune have a well-deserved shot at getting their dream jobs.

The ‘Chilled Out’ Factor – A student’s life is hard; we have all been through parental as well as peer pressures. A tough and exhausting city life can affect the psyche of a student. Tiny factors like favourable weather conditions, good food, and helpful people can go a long way in motivating students to work hard and give their best.

So, students in Pune, what’s your favourite part about studying in Pune? 

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