7 Really Awesome Puneri Chai Joints

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People lie when they say that there’s no concrete solution to all the problems in life. There’s one I can think of- that piping hot liquid with the sweet yet sharp, delicious twang of adrak. Of course, I’m talking about chai, the ambrosia for us mortals! 

In case you’re living under a rock, I’ll have you know that Punekars are devout chai lovers, especially during the monsoon season. The answer to getting drenched in the pouring rain is and will always be the same- a cup of steaming chai!

Now there are literally thousands of chai joints scattered across the city, but some of the names in this list are going to strike a chord with you. After all, it’s never just chai. It’s chai and memories!


  • Amruteshwar, Karve Nagar

This tiny eatery is so easy to miss, if not for the amazing smell of fresh chai wafting through its doors. At 4 am, this chai tapri is eagerly visited by students, party animals and those who work night shifts. Don’t forget to try their Pohe while you’re sipping on their piping hot chai!

  • Mara-Mari, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk

It’s not just the unique name- their tea is a delicious mixture of normal chai and one special chai. You get to choose the flavours, obviously. Extremely popular among Ferguson College students, their chai is made with milk and only milk. No water, unlike the other chai joints!

  • Balaji Snacks Center, Rajaram Bridge

Do not hesitate upon seeing this tiny eatery, their food and most importantly, their chai is simply amazing. The first chai of the day is brewed at 5 am, and the taste does not change throughout the day. A perfect place to avoid the torrential rain while sipping a glass of their strong chai, Balaji Snacks Center serves more than 500 cups of tea per day!

  • Chai, Koregaon Park

Popular for its ‘Kullad chai’, their tea is served in earthen cups, as the name suggests. This gives a unique flavour to their already delicious chai. Apart from the chai, make sure to try out their Pakoras and Maggi!

  • Tilak Hotel, Sadashiv Peth

Their tea will make you as nostalgic as going through your childhood photos. Why? With just a perfect blend of cardamom and ginger, Tilak Hotel’s chai is sure to bring back some fond memories! Even the tasty dishes they serve will be a nostalgic reminder of your canteen food. The entire experience of it will definitely take you back to your college days!

  • Vohuman Café, Ruby Hall Clinic

Irani tea is delicious, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (err… sorry.) Thinner than your usual cutting chai, it’s best accompanied by something savoury or flavourful to accompany it with. Vohuman Café knows this trick, that’s why their chai and bun maska are so popular! Speaking of bun maska, here’s a list of the best in Pune!

  • Every Punekar’s Home

Arguably the best place to get chai, you’ll be amazed at the variety each household offers. Some will prefer their chai with an extra dash of ginger, while some prefer it milky. Some even drink it straight black! However, it’s all a part of the magic, a Punekar’s chai. Just like their personality, you never know how they can surprise you!

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