7 Really Amazing Art Galleries in Pune

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Home to several amazing artists as well as memorable art, Pune is fast becoming a popular name in the country’s art scene. Painters, Photographers, Writers, Musicians, we’re bursting with some amazing artists, no longer known as just the Medical, IT and Engineering city, we are so much more!

Much of it is owed to people responsible for promoting local art. Small art venues, exhibitions and galleries have exposed these artists to the community, thus inspiring and motivating others to follow lead. Closet artists are also being enticed to come out with their art; all in all, it’s an amazing thing for our city.

Now if you are an art enthusiast and want to check out our very own artists and their work, we are giving you some options where you can feast your eyes and soul. These venues are doing an excellent job of sustaining and growing Pune’s art scene. Check these names out!

Gyaan Adab


Image by Sundar Subramanian

Located in Kalyani Nagar, Gyaan Adab mostly focuses on literature and poetry performances. However, they also host art exhibitions from time to time. Modern art which includes paintings, sculptures and murals are all displayed here.

Tilting Art Gallery
Image by Janmejay Singh Somvanshi

An art gallery inside Ishanya Mall (now Creaticity Mall), Tilting Art Gallery showcases contemporary art exhibitions along with art festivals. It also acts as a venue for art enthusiasts to connect and exchange ideas.

Image by Uma Dhanwatey

This art gallery located on Bhandarkar Road is one of the oldest and the finest in our city. Along with displaying and promoting art, they also conduct workshops as well as art discussions and lectures.

Darpan Art Gallery
Image by @anksakpal

Established in 2009, this art gallery in Gokhalenagar is known for showcasing paintings, sketches, sculptures, and craft work. Darpan Art Gallery is renowned for promoting and welcoming new ideas and artists alike.

Bliss Art Gallery
Image by Anushka Gupte

Located in Koregaon Park, Bliss Art Gallery is nestled cozily near Lane No. 5 and often promotes and displays artwork by young and upcoming artists. They also host photography exhibitions.

Monalisa Kalagram
Image by Nikita Naiknavare

A unique art gallery which not only showcases art like paintings and murals, but also host dance performances and contemporary live arts. This art gallery can be found in Lane 7, Koregaon Park.

TIFA Working Studios
Image by Bhanuj Kappal

A place where several artists collaborate to create art, TIFA also hosts art exhibitions, the latest being the eccentric and popular ‘meme art exhibition’. TIFA Working Studios is located near Sadhu Vasvani Chowk.

Feature image by Janmejay Singh Somvanshi via Instagram

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