7 Places to Eat at Under Rs. 100 On FC Road – Part I

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Pune’s FC Road is the mecca for college students and shoppers. Both want quick and cheap food, and to be honest, who doesn’t? A plate of Vada Pav or a quick burger, and you’re out bossing the day again.

Thankfully, the eateries on FC Road know this; catering to a busy and hustling crowd, they know that their food should be affordable and quick to consume. So the next time you’re on Fergusson College Road and feel like a quick bite is absolutely necessary, fear not. We have a list with seven options which can satiate the foodie in you for less than hundred bucks! Take a quick look at this list and make plans!

Kok-Pa Chinese

Image by Gazi Momin


One of the most famous Chindian eateries in Pune, Kok-Pa Chinese is a perfect stop for a quick bite. Although their dishes won’t fit our exact budget, but a few bucks up and down should do the trick. We insist on you checking out this place because it’s exceptional; a simple plate of fried rice will have you revisiting pretty soon!

UFO Fries & Corn

Image by @food_flux

Located on Dyaneshwar Paduka Chowk is this tiny eatery which invites French Fries’ fanatics from all across the city. Served in a large cone and topped with cheese or other choice of toppings, their French Fries are to die for! If you can stretch your budget just a little bit, then there’s also the Frozen Bottle right nearby, where you can gorge on outstanding desserts!

FC Chaat House

Image by Pune Eat Out

One cannot ever, everrrr go wrong with Chaat. SPDP, Sev Puri, Ragda pattice, you know the list. FC Chaat House has an entire menu of amazing Chaat items, along with butter masala corn. Make sure to try their Kachori/Samosa Chaat as well!

Sweet Mess

Image by @boyeatsworldx

‘Soft Serve on a Cloud’. Wait, what? Simply put, it’s soft-serve ice-cream served on a cloud of cotton candy, and yes, it tastes as good as you can imagine. You can top it up with some pretty delicious toppings of your choice, so there’s that as well.

Joshi Wadewale

Image by @the.chintu

The tried and tested, the old-is-gold, you get what we mean. If you are craving something greasy and filling, then Vada Pav should definitely be appearing in front of your eyes, and there’s no other Wadewale as popular as Joshi Wadewale; a bite of their Vada Pav will tell you why.

Café Goodluck

Image by @suraj.kolte_patil

Of course, this one’s on the list. You simply cannot be walking around on FC Road without stopping by Café Goodluck for their Bun Maska and Chai. Located right at the main signal, Goodluck is hard to miss, there’s hardly a Punekar who doesn’t know where Goodluck is located. Same goes for what to eat there- always the bun maska and chai or the bun and omlette!

Chocolate Paan

Image by Renu Singh

Located near Roopali Restaurant, two vendors selling Chocolate Paan should be your quintessential stop if you’re craving something sweet. Simple yet delicious, chocolate Paan can be a cheap alternative for desserts. And hey, it’s cheap, but just on the pocket, not on the taste buds. An absolute must-try!

Feature image by UFO Fries and Corn via Facebook

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