7 Places in Pune That Play Amazing Music!

Shazam, Pune!

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Music is greatly responsible for the vibe of a place, and luckily, Pune has several places which play amazing music! Whether it may be a cup of coffee or a few beers, these places make you want to stay there for a long time. Check out this list of places in Pune- some names might be familiar, but revisit them and focus on the music; you’ll rediscover the place!

Classic Rock Coffee Co. | Baner & Kalyani Nagar

Pune Bars
Image by Pushkar Sudame

Alright, so this one depends on your luck. I’ve listened to Mr. Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton on my good days, and on not-so-good days, Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber. Hey, not judging your music taste, but for a place which has ‘Classic Rock’ in its name, I think it’s unfair to play mainsteam pop. However, this place is definitely worth checking out!


Elephant and Co. | Kalyani Nagar

Pune Bar

Night chilling sessions at Elephant and Co. have never disappointed me. They know how to set the mood and even if the songs do get mainstream sometimes, they always come back to the good old nostalgic alternative rock and good low BPM electronic music.

Swig | KP and SB Road

Pune Bar
Swig, SB Road

My favorite place for exploring music, the guys at Swig have an amazing playlist. Especially during afternoons; a fairly empty place means that there is no pressure to play loud, obnoxious music. An amazing place to just relax, grab a beer, and constantly Shazam all the good songs falling on your ears.

Playboy Beer Garden | Balewadi High Street

Pune Bar

Apart from their DJ nights, Playboy Beer Garden has an impressive playlist. Something for everyone, you’re assured of one of your favorite genres coming in next on the sound system. Definitely goes with the classy ambience of the place.

Aufside @ Hotfut | Swargate

Aufside Pune

On a live game night, pre-drinking sessions at Aufside are always amazing. Some good rock to get you in the mood for the upcoming game, some familiar bands to get your feet tapping against the bar stools. Just head over to Aufside an hour before a live sports’ match. You’ll get in the groove!

Cafe Toons – MG Road

Cafe Toons Pune
Image by Naman Aggarwal

Of course this list would be incomplete without our beloved Toons. That place always takes me back to college days, the days of Greenday, Bryan Adams, Guns and Roses and so on. If a place makes you want to sing out loud, then kudos, job done right!


Starbucks Pune
Starbucks, Koregaon Park

Okay, yes, I know. This name might sound off, but head to any Starbucks early morning or right at their closing time. Preferably alone. Just keep your ears on high alert, their playlist choices are amazing. Soft Indie or even blues, Starbucks sure knows how to set the mood.

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