7 of the Yummiest Shawarmas of Pune

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Originated in the Ottoman Empire, the word Shawarma in Arabic loosely translates to turning or rotating, signifying the rotating motion of the meat on the spit. Quick and tasty, they have taken over the culinary scene of our city. Here are the top seven of the best places to get your Shawarma fix without going to the Middle East!

  • Shawarma King, Akurdi

College kids flock to this joint situated opposite the railway station in Akurdi. A great variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Shawarmas are available here. Quick service and large portions. A must try!


  • Marrakesh, 13 locations

Yes, you read that right- they have 13 locations across the city and with good reason! Juicy chicken roasted on the spit and generous amounts of it in each roll. Try one and you will love it!

  • Hite Bar, 4 outlets

This one’s probably one of the oldest joints in the city, Hite Bar brought the humble Shawarma to our Pune. Very pocket-friendly and quick service. Just don’t expect an “ambience” here.

  • The Breakfast Café, Bavdhan

They have options like the Mexican Chicken Shawarma Roll and the Paneer Shawarma Roll. Great ambience with indoor and outdoor seating along with an extensive menu.

  • Café Arabia, 3 Outlets

If you like spicy food, you have to try their Devils Chicken shawarma prepared with jalapeños and their in house devil sauce. They are located in three major malls of the city.

  • Seven – Shawarma & Burgers, Koregaon Park

A small place in Lane No. 7 of Koregaon Park, this place won’t rank high for décor but the rolls are well loved here. Outdoor seating in available or you can always take your rolls to go. Quick and easy!

  • Shahnoor’z, Mundhwa

Nizami and Chicken Tikka Shawarmas are the ones to try here- a little Indian twist on the classic roll. The place has a rustic “Dhaba” feel to it- gives you the feeling of being on a highway without really driving that far.

So the next time you have a craving for a Shawarma, you know where to go! If Shawarmas are good enough for the Ironman, they are good enough for us all.

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