7 of the Best Chhole Bhature Spots in Pune

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Recently, someone who’d just moved to Pune asked us where they’d get delicious Chhole Bhature in the city. Although we immediately responded by giving them some great names, we realised, WHOA, how come we haven’t published this amazing list! 

Chhole Bhature is one of the most ideal comfort foods in our country. Not only is it a staple diet up in the north, but even the states have a soft spot for it. Pune especially, has always had amazing eateries serving delicious plates of Chhole Bhature. Where, you ask? Well, here’s the list. 

Mona Food | Camp
Image by @yuvi_45_


One of the oldest and the most famous eatery for Chhole Bhature, Mona Food has been consistently serving us epic plates of the dish for decades. In fact, this was my mother’s favorite eatery when she was in college, so you can guess how old and famous this one really is. Fluffy Bhature paired with greasy and spicy Chhole can lift your spirits up real fast!

Shahji’s Parantha House | Rasta Peth

Punjabi cuisine at this place will never disappoint you and Shahji’s Chhole Bhature will in fact have you revisiting this place over and over again. Their variation of Chhole Bhature is Maharashtrian, and although unusual, it’s really pretty great. Check it out for yourself!

Raju Uncle’s Chhole Bhature | Katraj
Image by @khaane_ka_deewana

Several Chhole Bhature fanatics in Pune will swear by this place and one bite of Raju Uncle’s Chhole Bhature is enough to warrant their fame. Two large Bhaturas served with a bowl of red hot Chhole will have your mouth watering. Strictly for those with a large appetite!

Satguru’s Punjabi Rasoi | Magarpatta

Chhole Bhature at this place are as authentic as they can get. In fact, my Punjabi friend swears by them, tells me Amritsari folks would like it. Priced at INR 110, Satguru’s Punjabi Rasoi sure knows how to serve pocket-friendly yet delicious meals!

Delhi Kitchen | Aundh


Delhi-style Chhole Bhature are now here in Pune all thanks to Delhi Kitchen. The Chhole gravy is thicker than other variants, and the Bhaturas are fluffier and most importantly, the portions are huge. Priced at INR 180, this ‘Chef’s Special’ dish at Delhi Kitchen sure is special!

Delhi Swad | Nigdi
Image by @_foody_panda_

Another place in the city which serves Delhi style Chhole Bhature! Spicy Chhole paired with just the right size and consistency of fluffy Bhature- delicious! Rest assured, you’re gonna need an afternoon nap after having just one plate.

Shiv Sagar | Multiple Outlets
Image by @lovedaebakfood

Peshawari Chhole, anyone? Pickled and finished with spinach, Shivsagar’s Chhole Bhature are to die for. Although their Bhaturas aren’t as big as the other variants, the taste definitely makes up for it. Pair it up with their spicy achaar!

So, Pune, which is your go-to joint for delicious Chhole Bhature? Let us know! 

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