7 of Pune’s Best Live Music Venues

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Even though Coldplay has yet to announce it’s upcoming Pune gig, there is no dearth of phenomenal artists who have graced the stage in the city! Today, Pune has become one of the most popular cities in the country to enjoy live entertainment. The young, enthusiastic crowd, relaxed atmosphere, superb venues and pretty great weather, makes the city one of the most inviting destinations for artists to perform. Here are some of Pune’s must-visit venues for live music!

High Spirits Cafe, Koregaon Park


High Spirits regularly hosts brilliant tributes to the legends (Special mention: Beatles and Queen tributes must never be missed). Along with some of the country’s best you can also find some superb homegrown Pune talent rocking the stage.


Warning: Once you enter, you may never leave.

Swig Bar and Eatery, Koregaon Park


From intense acoustic sets to some fun reggae vibes, Swig has established itself as a great place for artists and audiences to really feel the music! The intimate setting also gives the audience a chance to get know their favourite performers and many a fan girl has gone home with her fair share of #SelfiesWithTheBand.

BlueFrog, Ishanya Mall


Whether you’re a lover of pop music or a jiver to rock n roll, BlueFrog has something for everyone! Enjoy a beautiful, blue night with delicious food, interesting cocktails and an everlasting supply of great music.

Effingut Brewerkz, Koregaon Park and Baner


Fans of craft beer, this is the place for you! Many local artists have made their debut performances here. Some may find it a little too loud, but nonetheless, good music and delicious beer make for a night well spent!

Irish Village Brewery, Mundhwa


Music is always better when you have place to dance! Take a whole bunch of friends with you for the next gig here and make it a party to remember. Also on the menu is unlimited martinis for the women every Wednesday!

Shisha Jazz Cafe, Koregaon Park


Known for its legendary Jazz nights every Thursday, Shisha has maintained its impeccable ambience for years. This intimate, open air cafe often hosts some incredible international artists and is the perfect venue for a romantic night under the stars, grooving to some soulful tunes!

The Urban Foundry, Balewadi High Street


This has become one of Baner’s most popular weekend watering holes. If you’re looking for a fun afternoon, catch their Soulful Sundays, which usually have popular indie artists serenading you while you gorge on their prized beer!

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