7 Noticeable Changes in Pune Over the Past 10 Years

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Even though 2007 feels just like yesterday, the changes which have remodeled our beloved Pune are tremendous! The city has trotted towards somewhat of a modern metamorphosis- apart from the heart of Pune (the Peths) a majority of this city has become a glorious collage of several millennial lifestyles. Just like its residents and precisely as it should have, Pune has changed dramatically. Here are a few of those changes which will give you a healthy dose of nostalgia!

Construction changes – The Smart City phase

If you recollect Pune’s town planning situation ten years ago, you’ll remember that it had begun to show eager signs of development. The city still had a decent amount of landscape left free for construction purposes; several town planning projects were being initiated. The general architecture of the buildings was improving, quite an interesting blend of old and new. The city hadn’t stretched as much as it has today, Koregaon Park and Baner used to feel foreign!



Being a modest traditional city, Pune never felt the need to host too many nightlife avenues. There were legal issues as well, about the music and liquor. The number of bars/pubs/lounges wasn’t so impressive. The city along with its residents had some reservations about embracing the West-influenced nightlife.


Despite being a heavy source of art influence, Pune was way too humble. Our artists and the general art scene were just getting exposed to the rest of the country. There was improvisation, but not as much as we see today. Hesitatingly, yet curiously, the city changed its art genre. However, there was a greater level of respect for sincerity, discipline and talent.

The Climate

Possibly the most heartbreaking realisation, but Pune’s weather just isn’t the same. Maybe it’s the pollution and the general feeling of being cramped in a tiny space. Pune used to feel fresh and alive. Now? Hardly so.

The IT scene

The word ‘IT’ itself was foreign; the concept was just starting to get comfortable. The working class was looking for a new venture, a breakthrough towards something exciting. When the IT culture took roots in the soil, Punekars were extremely eager to experiment with it. Our IT parks had laid foundation and promised an amazing future, and how they have delivered!

General Technology

Be it cellphones or the amount of multiplexes, Pune back then was extremely constrained when it came to technology. Along with the rest of the country, Pune was exploring the limitations as well as possibilities of technology. The technological advancements like ATMs, online banking and recharge along with satellite TVs had just landed in our city.

The Punekars’ Mindset

The biggest development so far has been that of a Punekar’s mentality. Despite being somewhat orthodox and strictly traditional, Punekars have become more exploring and accepting of the several changes which have dawned upon the city. From cuisines to embracing other cultural traits, Pune wasn’t always known to be this flexible. Modern fashion hadn’t yet influenced a Punekar’s lifestyle, classical music was still considered to be the most prominent in the city. Apart from that, relationships, education, family roles along with several other aspects of lifestyle were still looked at from a traditional point of view!

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