7 Marathi Songs Which Will Make You Fall in Love with Monsoon!

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Marathi literature and music has always loved monsoon. The sheer beauty and romance brought on by the weather is something which the entire Marathi culture treasures. Several of the greatest artists from our state have had an intimate connection with the season; inspiring them to create art which sits within our hearts even to this day.

Speaking of the Marathi film industry and music now, I can only say one thing- Monsoon spent in the company of Marathi songs is a heavenly combination. Listening to some of the songs on my mother’s old radio brought back many memories. Here are seven Marathi songs which perfectly encapsulate the beauty of monsoon and what it means for us!

श्रावणात घन निळा बरसला, रिमझिम रेशिमधारा

This gem by Lata Mangeshkar is a huge favourite among the Marathi audience. Written by the legendary poet and lyricist, Mangesh Padgaonkar, and composed by Shrinivas Khale, this gorgeous song describes the effect of the monsoon on things around us. Beautiful imagery indeed!


ऋतु हिरवा, ऋतु बरवा

Sung by Asha Bhosale, this song explores the romance which the monsoon brings in our lives. It’s written by Shanta Shelke and composed by Shridhar Phadke. One of the true evergreen songs in a Punekar’s music collection!

रिमझिम झरती श्रावणधारा

Written by Madhukar Joshi, and sung by Suman Kalyanpur, this song describes the way the woman is missing her lover. She is calling him back through the monsoon. The song has a haunting melody and has been composed by Dashrath Pujari.

ती गेली तेव्हा रिमझिम, पाऊस निनादत होता

Composed and sung by Hridaynath Mangeshkar, this beautiful song tells us how it began to rain when the lover left, how the clouds gathered and it thundered! It paints a beautiful picture in front of our eyes, thanks to the amazing lyrics penned down by Grace.

पाऊस आला वारा आला

This golden childhood melody by Sushma Shreshta speaks of all the signs which nature shows when it’s about to rain. The way the leaves move, the clouds thunder, and the way the valley waits hungrily. Every Punekar has beautiful memories attached with this song!

घन ओथंबून येती

Lata Mangeshkar, the undisputed queen of Marathi music has sung this gorgeous tune. The song talks about the clouds and the way they pour rain on everything in sight. This song still plays on the radio some mornings and it’s as if everything stops in time.

येरे येरे पावसा

The most identifiable and repeatedly heard song by a lot of Punekars. This song was the easiest way to get children hyped up about monsoon! The ‘balgeet’ talks about the way a child is luring the rains with the help of a coin. Fond memories!

So, Pune, what’s your favourite monsoon song? Let us know in the comments! 

Feature image by Dhiraj Londhe via Instagram

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