7 Lip-Smacking Chaat Joints in Pune!

Perfect weather for Chaat!

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Regardless of age, gender, caste, colour, creed, and quite possibly everything else which separates people, chaat is that one thing which brings everyone closer. Divided by opinions, united by the love for chaat!

Chaat has no season or time of the day which is ideal, chaat doesn’t have any rules. So here’s a list of seven amazing chaat places in Pune which deserve a round of applause for their utterly delicious chaat dishes!

Jaishankar Pani Puri Wala | Camp

Image by Veggiepune


Pune’s Camp Area houses some of the best eateries in the city and Jaishankar Pani Puri Wala is one of the most well-known names. Whether you like your Pani Puri spicy or sweet, this guy sure knows how to make them just the perfect. Also, a few celebrities have visited his eatery, in case you needed some validation to go there.

Ganesh Bhel | Karve Nagar | Aundh

Image by Vishal Tendulkar

There’s hardly a Punekar who hasn’t heard of Ganesh Bhel- it’s absolutely legendary. What started as a small chaat joint has evolved into a restaurant chain. The best part is that they have outlets in Europe and America as well! What are you waiting for? Head out and have a plate of their Shev Puri now! Also, they use mineral water to make their Pani Puris!

Kalyan Bhel | Kondhwa | Law College Road | Kothrud | Baner | Bibevadi

Image by The Alluring Foodies

A success story worth writing, Kalyan Bhel has moved on from a tiny roadside bhel stall to a chain of restaurants now. They serve other food dishes, and not just chaat, but of course, their bhel, paani puri, and spdp are absolutely amazing!

Natraj Bhel & Chaat House | Viman Nagar

Image by misspunekar

Located in Viman Nagar, this eatery is easy to miss as it’s hidden in a quiet lane. However, their chaat dishes are anything but ordinary, and the ragda pattice along with pani puri are two dishes which you absolutely need to try out!

Chaat Bazaar | FC Road | Viman Nagar | Koregaon Park

Chaat Bazaar Pune
Image by Chaat Bazaar

This chaat joint is popular among college students as well as the avid shoppers who go on a shopping spree on FC Road and Koregaon Park. A perfect place to take a pause and gorge on some amazing Delhi as well as Mumbai style chaats, Chaat Bazaar is as good as it gets!

Tasty Tongue Chaats | Bavdhan

Tasty Tongue Pune
Image by foodiegall

From epic samosa and kachori chaats to ragda pattice and shev puri, Tasty Tongue in Bavdhan is another chaat gem of this city. Never the one to disappoint, their quantity is impressive along with the authentic North Indian chaat taste. As a bonus, they also serve delicious gulab jaamun and jalebi rabdi.

Manisha Bhel | Karve Nagar | Kothrud

Image by Hrishikesh Deo

Cheaper than a lot of popular chaat joints in the city, Manisha Bhel serves lip-smacking chaats and street foods. To entice you even more, they also serve sandwiches and kacchi dabeli. Also, their chaats are quite hygenic as well, after all, you wouldn’t want to have your last plate of pani puri just yet, right?

Featured image by Shruti Rathnagiriswaran

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