7 Joints that Prove Pune’s a Pizza Paradise

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Nothing hits the spot like a good old pizza oozing strings of cheese and layered with your favourite toppings. Now, Pune may not have a Joey’s Pizza, but it does have several options that will definitely leave you craving for more! Here goes…



Pizza by the slice, anyone? Bubsters is petite joint which offers you massive slices of pizza with an ample amount of toppings. They have two different sections, Back to the Basics, with your regular Margaritas and Peperoni Pizzas, and a Beyond the Basics sub-section with toppings like cinnamon glazed apples!



Mostly associated with BBQ chicken wings and beer (understandable, since it’s a sports bar), what many people don’t know is that Aufside serves delicious pizzas by the slice. They have a limited number of options with fun, sporty names like Sticky Wicket and Fowl Play. Personal favourites are the Bouncer – a fully meat loaded pizza, and the Fowl Play – overloaded with BBQ chickens and onions.   

One Lounge

More known for their parties, and lesser known for their food, One Lounge actually has an extensive menu of Indian and continental food. Their pizza’s are paper crisp, with thin strings of melt-in-your-mouth cheese to compliment it. The base and the cheese itself are delicious and pretty close to authentic Italian pizzas. Their toppings are filled with an equal amount of very subtle and fresh flavours.



A slightly forgotten restaurant with all the newbies in town, Terttulia’s pizzas were the rage once upon a time. Even now, they are equally irresistible, and one of the few places that layer their pizzas with rucola and parmigiano. Extremely thin and light crust, with toppings like creamy spinach, and smoked salmons is what makes them so irresistible.


A single page simple menu with pizzas true to the name – LARGE. They serve pizzas ranging from 16 – 20 inches with 2-3 different toppings with generous amounts of cheese. Light on the pocket, heavy on the stomach and worth the money would sum up a Largo’s experience for you.

The Greedy Man Pizzeria 


Another place true to their name which serves extra-large pizzas that will leave you with a big smile on your face. Their pizzas are hand stretched with fresh ingredients and toppings – fresh oregano, basil, parsley on hand kneaded dough, tossed with a few toppings for a balanced flavour.

Baked And Wired


Whoever said size doesn’t matter didn’t have a 30 inch pizza sitting in front of them seductively! That’s right, Baked & Wired has 30 inch pizzas of everything. Not only that, they are the only ones to serve deep dish pizzas which will take you right to heaven. 

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