7 Films You Simply Must Not Miss at PIFF 2017

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It’s that time of the year again when all roads lead to the Pune International Film Festival! So we recommend you leave all traces of reality behind and immerse yourself in the magic of the reel world as PIFF takes on its 15th year. 

Just to make things easier for you, we’ve come up with a list of films you just cannot miss! (Selecting just 7 was no easy task, so we hope you make good use of this!)

Personal Shopper


This Kristen Stewart starrer directed by Olivier Assayas delves deep into some intense paranormal activity. It’s even been reviewed by The Guardian as “A dash of pure Hitchcockian brilliance.” Get ready for some serious goosebumps with this one!


Priyanka Chopra fans come one, come all! This film is produced by none other than PC herself and her mother Madhu Chopra. Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, it is one of the films in the Marathi Competition Section. The movie beautifully brings out the subtle nuances in the characteristics of a large Maharashtrian family and takes the viewers on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the film.

Cloudy Sunday

This film from Greece tells the untold story of Thessaloniki’s Jewish Community during World War ll. It is the story of a forbidden love that exists in a time of fear, tragedy and death. And amidst the piercing sound of gunshots, the wails of the tortured and the cries of the dying, there is but one sound that resounds among the victims of German atrocity – the sound of music.

Thank you for Bombing

The opening film for PIFF ’17 revolves around three international war correspondents in Afghanistan. The trilogy is filled with heart wrenching incidents that take place in the black shadow of war. It’s a brilliant look at the inside life of journalists in war zones.


This Chinese film directed by Zhang Wei is the story of a boy with mild autism who is expelled from school. His mother is haunted by the memories of her own brother who suffers from the same condition and is locked up in a cage in the countryside. The film depicts her painful struggle as she tries to give her son a normal life and protect him from the same fate as her brother.


photo: omid salehi

This film from Iran is directed by Parviz Shahbazi. It follows the path taken by a young girl who elopes with her boyfriend and spends her time in the company of musicians. She tricks her family into believing that she has been kidnapped. But when the band leader gets arrested, she realises she has descended down an uncertain road.

The Exile

Directed by Arturo Ruiz Serrano, this film takes place in the midst of the Spanish Civil War. When a Polish woman is taken prisoner, a priest and a soldier are torn between the call of duty and their growing feelings for her. Is there really any place for emotion in the throes of war? 

Find out today when the action begins! See you at PIFF folks 

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