7 Dishes No Punekar Can Resist During Monsoons!

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It’s not like we Punekars need a reason, season or a certain time of day to gorge on our favourite food. We’re inherently hungry people. But, come monsoon and we’re known to pig out. I don’t know about you, but I’m hangry all day, everyday.

It’s like the entire city is pregnant when it rains; we get these cravings for certain dishes, which we especially cannot resist during this season. And, what a Punekar craves, a Punekar gets. Here are seven dishes that we cannot keep our hands off all through this gloomy (read glorious), wet season. #PunekarEats

The Steaming Hot, Deep-Fried Stuff (with Chaha, of course)


While it pours cats, dogs and rhinos, we literally start to visualise Kanda Bhaji, Wada Pav and Samosas falling from the monsoon skies. All we need is a few drops more than a drizzle, and mad dashes are made to either Aai or the local Kaka’s food stall. Pune probably witnesses a 10-fold rise in the consumption of these fried food items during this season. And, who can blame us, no?

Misal Pav

Again, who needs monsoon to horf down bowls of Misal with Pav, right? But, there’s something incomparable about the combination of the cold and wet weather and steaming, spicy Misal. If I’ve made your hungry Puneri souls crave for this fiery dish, here are the top Misal spots in the city you can head to! You’re about to sweat on parts of your body that you didn’t know existed. But it’s raining, you’ll be fine.


If you’re following me on Instagram (@misspunekar), you’ve already seen that I eat Maggi once a week. Come monsoon, that number goes up to twice/thrice a week. Go ahead, judge me; a girl doesn’t care. But before you do, ask yourself whether you would be able to resist a bowl of spicy, steaming Maggi cooked in green chillies, cheese and coriander. That, while it’s pouring out there. Yeah, didn’t think so.


Here’s a scenario – it’s raining, you’re with a bunch of friends/family and your stomachs are collectively growling for plates of chaat; Puris filled with spicy mixes, Puneri Bhel Puri that’ll give gourmet dishes a run for their moolah etc. etc. Have I stirred those stomach juices yet? Our street food does not get better than this. Not in this season anyway.


Steamed Momos, fried Momos, searing veggie Momos, hot chicken Momos, Tandoori Momos; I’ll have them ALL. With that spiced up garlicky sauce. Who’s with me? You know you want them.

Sabudana Vada

Each of us has that one favourite joint for a plate of hot Sabudana Vada. Mine is my Aai’s kitchen and the nice lady lives to feed me. And, just like all the other dishes, we don’t wait for a particular time of day to hog on this. Wash it down with a steaming mug of Chaha and we’re happy Punekars. Just like that. We’re a simple bunch, you see.

Spicy Tambda Rassa

Whether that’s in the form of either Misal, Gavran Chicken/Mutton/Fish curry or some plain piping hot rassa as an accompaniment with Biryani etc. It tingles and at the same time soothes the food pipe on its way down like sometimes even water cannot. So. Much. Satisfaction.

Hit me up with your favourite dish if I’ve missed out. BRB. It’s Maggi time!

Feature image of Maggie at Malshej Ghat by @wandersane via Instagram

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