7 Delicious Parathas in Pune You Must Try this Shravan

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With the rains comes some serious hunkering for soul food. What better than tantalising parathas to kill the craving and that to while keeping our Shravan diets intact. Listed below are seven of the best vegetarian Parathas and where to find them.

King Size Paneer Bhurji Paratha at Aaoji Khhaoji


They have two locations, one in Aundh and the other on JM Road. The Parathas here are legendary and portions huge; the butter will make anyone’s grandma proud. The Paneer Bhurji is just one of many you can try here.

Cheezy Cheez Paratha at Shahji’s Parantha House

This one has cheese in it and all over it. It’ s served with dahi, curry, salad and chhole. If you love melted, gooey cheese you can’t miss this one!

SS Mix Veg Paratha at Khalsa Pure Veg

A Punjabi style paratha the way God intended them to be. The SS stands for Shahenshashi. They also have amazing Soya Chaaps.

Pahadi Paratha at Nandu’s Paratha

This place has been around for a very long time. They have all the possible combinations you can think of. The Pahadi here is made extremely well and has a decent kick to it.

Peshawari Paratha at Chaitanya Paranthas

A combination of Aloo and Cheese in this one! Six locations to serve you and quite pocket-friendly. A must-visit on our list!

Kuku Spl Mix Paratha at Kuku Da Paratha

It has a little bit of everything in it. Located on Dhole Patil Road, the ambience might not be much but the food makes up for it.

Atom Bomb Paratha at The Paratha Place

The name says its all, Thecha, Shezwan, Chili flakes and Jalapenos all added in some Aloo and Cheese. Please eat this at your own risk.

Time to enjoy some great soul food, makkhan maar ke, while it rains, thus making the month of fasting even more delicious!

Feature Image: www.homecooksrecipe.com

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