7 Delicious Modak Variations Pune Has to Offer

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Rice flour parcels stuffed with a coconut and jaggery stuffing, fried until a golden brown. Gone are the days when this is all that came to your mind when someone said “Modaks” Here’s presenting to you seven new variations to your favorite dish this Chaturthi, and places you can find them in Pune!

Chocolate Modak


Modaks covered in sweetened condensed milk, chocolate and a hint of biscuit crumbs. This one’s bound to be a favorite.


Available at: Kaka Halwai

Cashew Modak

Grinding cashew nuts and mixing them with jaggery makes for quite a rich stuffing for the traditional modaks.

Available at: Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

Ukadiche Modak

These gorgeous steamed modaks are made from rice flour dough.

Available at: Badhai Sweets

Steamed Modak

Super healthy, yes please!

Available at: Khawakee Sweets

Fried Modak


These boast of a sweet, chewy coconut stuffing and a crispy deep-fried coating.

Available at: Kaka Halwai

Strawberry Modak


A stuffing made from strawberry crush, cardamom and nutmeg powder. Drooling already, are we?

Available at: Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

Anjeer Modak

These modaks are made of moist, sweet stuffing made of anjeer (fig) and cardamom.

Available at: Purohit Sweets

Happy feasting!

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