7 Super Delicious Ice Cream Rolls in Pune!

Puneri summer food goals!

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Yesterday, my mother surprised me by sending me a photo on Whatsapp with her holding an ice cream rolls’ cup. My mother is not the kind of person who goes out on a whim and tries new things, so for her to try this out definitely meant that the trend is catching up. She’s my fail-proof food experimentation guide.

Pune Food
Image by Fantasy’s

Ice cream rolls or Tawa Ice Cream is gaining tremendous popularity among the young and the old, simply for the concept. Seeing someone make fresh ice cream for you right in front of your eyes, that too on a chilled ice cream pan; now that definitely improves the entire experience of going out for an ice cream. Several ice cream roll places have opened up in Pune and are doing steady business. If you want to try one out for yourself, check out this list-

FIR – Fresh Ice Cream Rolls | Kothrud


Pune Food
Image by Monica Patil

A tiny ice cream parlor located in Kothrud, FIR specialises in wacky yet delicious flavors. Their USP is pretty simple and straight forward- delicious ice cream rolled up, not scooped. Try their Chatpata Peru or Nutella flavour!

Tawa Ice Cream | FC Road

I first ran into this place accidentally; almost hidden on FC Road, Tawa Ice Cream is a small stall which serves delicious ice cream rolls. Try their Chocolate or Black-Currant ice cream rolls- both flavours come with a healthy sprinkling of chocolate shavings!

16 Icy Rolls | Erandwane | Hinjawadi | Koregaon Park

Pune Food
Image by Prajakta

A perfect place to take your family for after-dinner desserts! I have personally tried their Masala Paan Ice Cream Roll and it was definitely impressive. Slightly expensive, but the quality makes up for the price.

Dezart | Deccan Gymkhana

Pune Food
Image by Dezart

Not just an ice cream roll parlor, Dezart satisfies everyone with a sweet tooth. Their menu can be slightly eccentric for those who haven’t tried fusion dessert, but for those who have, you would surely love their Badam Jalebi.

IceKraft | FC Road | Viman Nagar

Pune Food
Image by Nikira

Delicious Ice Cream Rolls, vibrant ambience, and an amazing playlist; IceKraft is one of those places on FC Road which is always crowded. Try out their Nutella Ice Cream which is immensely popular among its regulars!

Iceberg Fresh | FC Road

Pune Food
Image by Amrin Khan

My personal experience in Iceberg Fresh is a really good one! Although the service is a bit slow, their menu is varied and unique. Quirky names do justice to their unusual flavors; Fried Ice Cream and Masala Peru which comes with spicy red flakes are a must try! Iceberg Fresh is located on FC Road as well.

Fantasy’s | Bavdhan | SB Road

Pune Food
Image by Fantasy’s

Although a small place, their menu is quite large. Decent quantity, and ice cream rolls which taste AND look great, Fantasy’s in Bavdhan is gaining rapid popularity. Make sure to try their Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream Rolls. The image above shows their Strawberry Kiwi ice cream roll.

So, Pune, let’s make the most of summer!

Feature Image by Fantasy’s.

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