7 Delicious Cheesecakes in Pune

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What started off in Greece as the humble cheesecake has evolved over the centuries and found its place on menus and in bellies around the world. From the light, smooth varieties to the heavy and thick bites of velvety goodness, the cheesecake has evolved into a whole range of creamy textures. And of course they’ve made their way to Pune.

We bring to you a list of our favorite spots in the city where you can enjoy a bite of some super delish cheesecake-

ABC Farms

This fluffy, soft cheesecake comes with a slight tangy after-taste. Not that we’re complaining; their products are known for maintaining their excellent quality over the years!


Pune Baking Company

Words will not do justice to this piece of heaven. You won’t know what hit you when the velvety texture of the dense cheesecake will render you speechless. True story.


For cheesecake with class, Forennte’s is the one to order. As light as a pillow, smooth like silk, this one will have you drift into a day dream of sorts.


If you’re looking for some Austrian cheesecakes and baking, this is the place to be. Light and fluffy, the cheesecake tends to melt in your mouth within seconds.

Le Plasir

Light in texture, big in flavour. Totally worth taking a trip all the way down to Bhandarkar Road for 😀


The not so traditional flavours of the cheesecake is what stands out, and “deliciously different” surely seems to be working for many in the city! Where else can you try the Crème Brûlée cheesecake otherwise?

Fat Cat’s Café

No article on cakes is complete without the mention of Fat Cat’s Café. BRB, the creamy goodness of this beauty awaits.

So how many of you are already drooling thinking about the velvety smooth texture and soft crunch of the base? You know where to head!

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