7 Delicious भजी Spots in Pune to Enjoy Monsoon Even More!

Monsoon is here!

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Monsoon is here! If you love monsoon like me, you have your reasons. Certain aspects of Pune’s monsoon are simply irreplaceable, chaha and bhaji (pakora) being just a few of those.

As a child, monsoon and Khadakwasla was my favourite combination. Watching the expanse of water while munching on the piping hot bhaji was an unexplainable feeling. These days, it’s replaced by leaning against the car, with a plate of bhaji in one hand and a cup of chaha in the other. Not everything has to change. So if you’re crazy about bhaji like I am, check out these seven places. Your monsoon munchies are sorted!

Sinhagad Fort

Image by Nishad Mayekar


A classic spot in the city; I mean what even comes close to eating a plate of hot bhajis while gazing at the cityscape from Sinhagad Fort? Be a bit more adventurous and go trekking rather than just driving to the top. I promise you that it’ll be worth it!

Joshi Wadewale

Onion and potato bhajis fresh out of the kadhai and then on to the newspaper covered plate, I’m suddenly nostalgic about my school days. Although Joshi Wadewale aren’t as popular as they were back during my school days, the quality is still the same.


As mentioned in the introduction, it’s one of the best places for kanda bhaji in Pune. Pick out a cloudy morning or late evening and you’re in for a treat. Makes for a better date than the ones in the fanciest of restaurants.

Chai Express, Kothrud

My favourite combination at Chai Express is Lemongrass / Masala chaha with Onion bhaji. And while you’re here during the monsoon, and if you still have some space left in your stomach, try some of their double cheese Maggi too!


Pune Bedekar
Image by Samruddhi Chavan

Although a popular Misal joint, Bedekar’s plate of khekda bhaji is heavenly. A perfect side dish for Misal, their bhaji makes for a nice change from the traditional Bedekar cuisine.

Chai Pani Ki Kahani, Kharadi

A food joint which specialises in just finger food and chaha accompaniments, Chai Pani Ki Kahani has one of the best plates of kanda as well as paneer bhaji. Simple, delicious, and light on the pockets.

Hotel Ramnath, Tilak Road

Being a student of SP College, Hotel Ramnath was one of my favorite katta. Apart from their famous Misal, Ramnath serves the crunchiest khekda bhaji you can ever imagine!

Feature image by Sheatal Singh.

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